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Publisher issue with renaming books

05 July 2020 - 08:42 AM

I have quite a few Publisher Books saved. I don't have an exact count, but I'd guess around 100.


I've set upon a project to add a prefix number to each title, in order to get the books ordered in a system that's related to the key individual's family grouping.


The [Rename] button works just fine to accomplish this.




When I click the [OK] button to approve the revised title, the entire list of books gets somewhat randomized. It's not alphabetical, and it doesn't seem to be chronologically by creation or revision date. Just RANDOM.


What an unnecessary annoyance.


Why doesn't the list autosort, just like the Source and Repository lists?

Fonts in Publisher do NOT save

23 September 2019 - 01:50 PM

This is annoying !!!!


I've spent time reviewing and revising my font selections in Reports > Publisher. As noted in the wish list, this is a time-consuming process because there are a dozen different places to look for font settings.




The fonts under [Layout] [Sources] and [Indexes] keep resetting to the program defaults of Arial and Times Roman. So in order to use my new choices of Georgia and Calibri, I have to check and re-enter fonts EVERT TIME a new print is needed?


This is definitely some kind of bug !!!!

Reports > Publisher > Fonts

23 September 2019 - 03:08 AM

In RM7, the Publisher allows for plenty of control over which fonts get used for which elements of the book.

But - but - BUT - the [Font] selection buttons are scattered all over the place, making accidental mistakes and omissions all too likely.


For example, here's my current checklist for setting fonts, which I have to carefully do for every chapter of every book....

Title - Georgia 16 Bold
Subtitle - Georgia 14
Text - Georgia 12
Header - Georgia 14 Bold

Narrative Text - Georgia 12
Narrative Heading - Georgia 14 Bold

List Text - Georgia 12
List Header - Georgia 14 Bold

Pedigree Chart Names - Calibri 10
Pedigree Chart Events - Gill Sans MT 8
Pedigree Chart Labels - Calibri 10

 - Captions - Georgia 12 Bold
 - Descriptions - Georgia 12

 - Header L R C - Georgia 12
 - Footer L R C - Calibri 12

 - Endnote Titles - Calibri 12 Bold
 - Endnotes - Calibri 11
 - Footnotes - Calibri 11
 - Bibliography - Calibri 11

 - Name - Calibri 11
 - Place - Calibri 11


It would be wonderful to collect ALL of the font selections under a single group, on a single settings page.


It would also be nice if these could be File settings, so that I wouldn't have to go through re-setting the font selections all of the time. You know, let the program store my preferred default choices. Thanks.

RM Chart editing improvements

06 July 2019 - 04:58 PM

On ancestor & descendant charts with 8 or more generations, RM Chart won't display the whole canvas - the view can't be reduced to show all.


1. Allow more zoom capability.


2. It would be helpful if adding size to the canvas would automatically add to ALL FOUR edges, not just right & bottom.


3. It would be nice if Ctrl-A for "select all" would work.


4. On large charts (the ones that RM Chart won't show all) the export options crop off something on the left & top.


5. I've tried exporting to BMP, PNG and TGA, and see issue #4 on all of those. I haven't tried EMF, because it's not supported by my version of Photoshop.



OK, I can accomplish my task with a workaround (which doesn't negate the value of the suggested RM Chart improvements).


Export as EMF file - no loss on left & top


Open in Microsoft Office Picture Manager


Export as PNG file


Open in Photoshop v.6 - yes, it's an older version, but it still works for me


Edits are successful