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Manual Merge Duplicate Records RM7 > RM8

07 August 2017 - 07:12 AM

Over the years, my *.dup file has grown fairly large (as has my database, with over 400K records). I hope that the re-write will bring along the *.dup file, just as previous RM upgrades have done. If not, I will end up having to confirm MANY false matches in the DSM procedure.

Would like to search for a person and spouse

27 July 2017 - 11:02 PM

One of my projects is a Surname genealogy -- I'm attempting to document and link everyone with the same surname in North America.
This has led me, again, to wish to be able to search for a person by their spouse's name. I can't find any way to do this in RM.
Let's suppose (all names here are fictitious) that I'm working on the Goode family, and that John and Johnny and Johnnie are all very popular given names over a two-century span. There are literally dozens of them in my database.
But I'm looking, in particular, for the Johnnie B. Goode who was once married to Miranda Stargazer.
It would be so nice to use Search > Person List > Find > and then set these criteria:
Surname > contains > Goode
Given or Nickname > contains > John
Spouse Given or Nickname > contains > Miranda
But that third criteria does not exist in RM. So this search cannot be completed here.
I tried creating a Group of everyone whose name met those first two criteria - no problem.
Then I displayed that group in People View, and tried to display a column showing the spouse's name. Uh-oh. Can't do that in RM, either.
So, here's the wish:
Please add a capability search for:
Spouse Given or Nickname
Spouse Surname

Could Find everywhere become a REALLY awesome tool?

26 July 2017 - 11:53 AM

I'm working on cleaning up some incompletely identified place names. These include places not listed in the RM Place Finder, nor quickly found with a search of the GNIS (https://geonames.usgs.gov).
Using gazetteers and books of "all" place place names in a state (currently working on Michigan), has me visiting various libraries (no problem there !!!).
Identifying which items in my RM Place List need work is NOT as easy as it could be. The only effective built-in search for this is:
Lists > Individual List > [Create Report] > Select from list > [Mark group] >Select people by data fields > Any fact > place > contains > "_____ County, MI, USA"
This gives me a report with lots more info than I need. I really don't care about which individuals are at those places, nor which facts are associated with those places. All I really want is a list of PLACES that meet my criteria.
I would say that Search > Find everywhere . . . is an even WORSE tool for this job. It might, indeed, provide the list I want, but at the expense of waiting for it to search all over the database, NOT just in the Place List.
If there was a dialog box on Find everywhere . . . with check boxes to include/exclude each area of the database (given names, surnames, fact type list, place list, sentence templates, source list, repository list, citations, bibliography, etc., etc.) now THAT would be an awesome search tool !!! update is impressive

14 July 2017 - 10:09 PM

I recommend that we give the Roots Magician a couple days to sleep in. This latest update is a TERRIFIC response to so many comments from RM users. TreeShare is much, much better today than it was yesterday.

Reports > Publisher > Copy Book

22 June 2017 - 11:37 AM

I may have mentioned this wish before. I really, really wish that there was a [Copy] button in the Reports > Publisher dialog box.


How would I use this? At least two ways:

1 - Set up a blank, template book with my typical set of chapters (Cover, Title, TOC, Preface, etc, etc) and then [Copy] that template to begin each new Publisher project. This could neatly streamline the process of setting up a new book.

2 - I'm finding that I am starting to produce Publisher books in two formats. A shortened "lists" version based strongly on the use of Descendant Lists, and a much, much longer book with Narrative chapters added with each Descendant List. Without a [Copy] button this necessitates a lot of duplication of effort - and introduces chances for me to goof up.


I know distribute CDs to family/friends with a basic book plus a scrapbook of supporting images (discussed in a previous post). I'd really like to be able to easy produce both a short "lists" version and a longer "narrative" version of each book to include on the CDs.