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In Topic: Exchanging RM Photo properties with embedded metadata

05 June 2020 - 06:51 AM


A constraint in RM for captions is the single line edit box and truncation of anything over around 60 characters in the Scrapbook report. 


I hadn't thought much about that constraint, so I ran a couple tests.

With Scrapbook Layout left & right margins set to 0.75" the Caption printed 68 characters in Georgia 12-pt Bold

Reducing the left and right margins to 0.3" bumped the character count to 78.


In both tests, the Description was limited to 3 lines, same length limit at the Caption.

In Topic: Attaching a marriage fact to a different spouse

27 May 2020 - 11:32 AM

That's a tricky situation, and I've had similar kinds of things over the years. I try to be very careful, of course, but mistakes happen.


I'm thinking that what you're asking for is more like a Swap Husband & Wife function than a Merge Individuals function. Sounds like it should be possible, and I'd imagine that our SQL-knowledgeable users can write a script to accomplish it. Not me - my programming skills are much too simple to tackle database manipulation.

In Topic: Alternate name type: FOR SORTING PURPOSE ONLY

27 May 2020 - 11:24 AM

You can already get RM7 to behave like this.


Enter your desired "sort only" Alternate Name facts, and mark them as [] Private (in the right-hand pane).


These entries will show up in the sidebar index (therefore they will sort the way you'd expect), but they won't be included in reports.

I only tested Narrative reports, but that should work consistently with other report types.

In Topic: Publisher and Fact Types

27 May 2020 - 11:14 AM

I use the Residence fact for city directories, phone books, official records (e.g., draft & voter registrations), address mentions in newspaper articles, etc.


I occasionally record an address from a census record, in which case that part of the info goes into a Residence fact. Often, that residence fact has a "between date and date" and includes multiple citations for that address.


I always split the occupation from a census record into an Occupation fact. Like addresses, these often have a "between" date and multiple citations.


Like a few other users, I've found it useful to create a census fact type for each census year. This permits fine-tuned searches & tabular displays of census data. For example, People View will only dislay ONE instance of a Census fact type, even if I have multiple census citations for an individual. By creating separate census fact types, I can create a tabular view in either People View or in a Custom Report that will give me a spreadsheet-style view of all of my census citations for a person or group.



In Topic: Replace image with same one, but new format? (JPG --> TIF)

27 May 2020 - 05:52 AM

If you are changing only some media from JPG to TIF, then I think you'll need to do this manually, one image at a time.

Navigate to any person linked to that image, and open the Media Album.

Use the [Properties] button to display the image, then the [Change media file] button to switch from JPG to TIF version.

If an image is linked to multiple people and/or facts, you only need to do this to ONE occurrence, and RM will update all of the other links.

Time consuming, at best.


If you are changing EVERY one of your JPGs to TIF, there's another RM tool.

Go to menu Search, then Search and Replace:

.  Field to search: Multimedia filenames

.  Search for: .jpg

.  Replace with: .tif

Notice that I included the period "." before both JPG and TIF. It's unlikely that "jpg" will occur other than the extension, even less likely that ".jpg" will....