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In Topic: Search and Replace for source details

14 October 2017 - 11:32 PM


I think it would be technically possible to expose Source Template fields to the Search and Replace dialog and to the Search dialog. But I think that doing so in a meaningful way would be extraordinarily difficult.





I don't do any SQL programming or editing, so I'll take your word for it. But difficult or not, I still really miss the power of those other fields that Search and Replace could access in the early RM versions. So I still wish for that capability to return.


But I'm not holding my breath, because I don't look that good in blue skin.

In Topic: Search and Replace for source details

14 October 2017 - 02:12 PM

In earlier versions of RM there were (if I recall correctly) about 15 different options for the Search and Replace command. Now there are only 10. I sure wish those other options were still available.

In Topic: same registration

08 October 2017 - 11:50 AM

Yes, you can use your same registration.


Just go to http://www.rootsmagi...tes/RootsMagic/ and download your setup files.

In Topic: Convert/edit sources after import

07 October 2017 - 07:17 AM

First, a note about my educational background - after high school I went off to university and stayed there until I achieved a Master of Architecture degree. A dozen years later, I went into the education field, and so had to take a whole series of additional classes in order to get certified and to advance my skill sets.


So, I've had to bend to the requirements of the APA and MLA bibliographic documentation systems. And neither makes sense to me,in terms of my own goal of providing a concise footnote & bibliographic entry that is easy for me to generate and sufficient to allow any subsequent researcher to double-check and verify my reports.


Over my 30 years of researching genealogy, the software has improved dramatically, and for those who think that complex nit-picky templated Master Sources are important, they are available. But I prefer simplicity, so I use (almost universally) the Book, Basic Format source template within RM. It lets me hit the goal stated above, but doesn't complicate my life by requiring me to learn and master dozens of different source templates.


Merging master sources based on the Free Form template into the Book, Basic Format template works perfectly, because the essential Source Details - Page Number field of Free Form exactly matches the Source Details - Page field of Book, Basic Format.


Merging Free Form sources into other templates may be troublesome (or impossible) if the fields do not match.


In my work, when I want to convert a Free Form source (with multiple citations) into a Book, Basic Format template, the process is quick and easy:

 _1 - create a new Book, Basic Format source template with the 6 fields, Repository, Master Text and Media desired.

 _ 2 - merge the Free Form into the Book, Basic Format source.


That's it. All done.

In Topic: An old can of worms - Place names

07 October 2017 - 06:59 AM

My internal place name organization is similar to yours in some respects, but varies in others:

 - I do not use Place Details (wrapping that into the Place Name)

 - I don't abbreviate Twp or Co

 - I think that researching and including GPS coordinates for each Place List entry is a great idea, but it's pretty low on my To Do List.

 - I don't use County Check, but I do use a collection of gazetteers, atlases and the GNIS https://geonames.usgs.gov/

 - I include an explanation of my place name organization in every RM Publisher book that I distribute to family and friends


I may be a bit old school, but I don't tend to seek out and use features which are deigned to reduce my input as they attempt to speed up my research and documentation.


I started my excursion into genealogy in the spring of 1988. I've used several different programs (including Genealogy on Display, FO and RM, FTM and FTW, and others). Here's my current RM File Properties: