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In Topic: Going under the hood of Memorize Sources (Citations)

18 August 2017 - 10:37 AM

The short answer is that each time you Paste a Memorized citation, you get a new and standalone citation. Period. If you Paste it ten times, then you have eleven standalone citations - the original plus the ten times you pasted it.



. . .


Is it possible that you made a change in the Source Details that didn't actually change the footnote sentence?




I agree with Jerry.


As I've mentioned a number of times, my Master Sources are almost all based on the Book, Basic Format template. I'll attach a screen cap of my 1940 census Master Source, showing how it becomes a Source Citation. The most important thing to remember may be that anything on a YELLOW portion of the dialog (including the Master Text tab) is the Master Source. Anything on a GREEN portion of the dialog (including the Detail Text tab) forms the Source Citation. Notice that my brief Source Details are part of the footnote sentence, so any changes there will cause a Source Index to show that there are multiple (similar, but not identical) citations. Changes made to the Detail Text tab are not reflected in the footnote sentence, and so will not create multiple entries in the Source Index.



In Topic: Customize Sentence

18 August 2017 - 07:33 AM

Some time ago I made a half-hearted attempt to get started with SQL. I let myself stop when I didn't feel like there was a whole ot I would do with it. I do have my wishes for RM features, but I'm not really interested in becoming a programmer. So, it's nice to know that data is captured by RM, but not too likely to rise very high on my personal to-do list.


Gotta go prepare for a charity bike ride (tomorrow).

In Topic: Registration

17 August 2017 - 08:35 PM

Did you buy the software direct from Roots Magic, and download the setup file? You should have been asked for an email address when you did so. Check your email account for a message containing your registration key.

In Topic: Customize Sentence

17 August 2017 - 04:39 PM

I routinely put transcripts of death notices and obituaries into the Notes of my custom fact type Obituary (as well as the Research Notes section of the appropriate Source Citation).. These transcriptions vary from a single sentence to multiple paragraphs, I think I started doing this a couple years ago. I'm not aware of any problems with this approach while upgrading to subsequent versions of RM (currently using RM


I just created a Named Group using the criteria Obituary > note > is not blank. The group currently contains 1,046 people. My notes indicate that RM7 became available 26 Nov 2014 and that I upgraded from RM6 on 14 Oct 2015 (one of my longest pauses between availability and upgrade, by the way). People View shows the earliest Last Edited date for the Obituary Notes group to be 26 Oct 2015, which suggests that my long term average is to enter about 1-1/2 obituaries per day. However, since I am constantly entering new data, I cannot say that the Last Edited date is actually connected to my Obituary fact type use.


Which has me wondering, if only incidentally, whether there is any way to find out when a particular fact for a particular person was last edited?

In Topic: media links lost when importing from FTM to Roots Magic

15 August 2017 - 06:09 PM

And you did a direct import from FTM to RM, not via GEDCOM?


I'm not an FTM user, so I'm just probing, hoping to find a point of helpfulness . . .