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In Topic: Change entire fact groups to another?

18 February 2018 - 09:56 AM

In a roundabout way, yes.


One of things I check carefully when I'm importing GEDCOMs is the Place List. I make all of the new GEDCOM place names exactly match places already in my database, which prevents unwanted duplication of both place names and fact/events for merged individuals.


Similarly, I go through the List Fact Types, and look for Fact Types to rename to exactly match my current list. I check both the fact name and the abbreviation, but don't bother with the sentences (since RM will use my existing sentences). So, in your example, I wi;; change a custom fact like Occupation2 into Occupation, and the RM import will then use my existing Occupation fact & sentence for those newly-imported instances.


To do this to a single database, takes a couple steps. First go to Lists > Fact Types and change all the custom Occupation2, Occupation3, Resince4, (or whatever) to make the standard "unnumbered" Fact Types.


Then, drag-n-drop the entire database into a new, blank file, and PRESTO, all of fact types will be consolidated.

In Topic: Finding married females from basic Index

16 February 2018 - 09:01 PM

I have solved this problem by using multiple Alternate Name facts for every individual. Any variation of given, middle, surname, initials, etc. gets a separate Alternate Name fact. I also created two Alternate name separator fact types to precede and follow the lists of Alternate Names (which are sequenced using the Sort Order field).


Here's some linked images to show how I accomplish this. As always, this is just ONE way of doing this - some researchers seem to dislike the use of multiple Alternate Name facts for a person, For me, the advantage is to solve the issue that the original poster on this thread asked about: "How do I facilitate finding a woman by her maiden name, or by any of her various married names?"  Don't forget to go to the Sidebar Options, and enable [X] Show alternate names.


You should note that all of my Alternate Name and separator fact types start with a blank line. This forces each to a new line in the Narrative Report.


At the end of this post I show how this looks for a person with multiple citations. I like the way that placing each Alternate Name on its own line makes it easy to see which citations used which version of the person's name.












In Topic: Media Files

15 February 2018 - 06:52 AM

Your issue is not size related. I have a scanned death certificate (high resolution) at 83 MB that displaycorrectly as a thumbnail and opens correctly in the person's Media Album with the [Properties] button.


Perhaps there are issues with how the drive and path for the file transferred from FTM to RM. If you go to the menu and select Lists > Media gallery, do you see a little red X in the (lower right?) corner of any of the thumbnails?

In Topic: Failed update process

14 February 2018 - 01:04 PM

I always do this sequence:

 1 - download the setup file

 2 - close RM

 3 - run the Setup.exe file

 4 - open RM and enjoy

In Topic: Duplicate Birth, Marriage and Death facts

14 February 2018 - 10:33 AM

When I merge a file FROM one database in TO another database, I go through several review & edit steps before I do the drag-n-drop. One of those steps is to make all of the Places in the FROM database exactly match the Places in the TO database. That takes care of of a LOT of potential duplication of facts/