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Automatic updating of Ancestry using TreeShare

01 May 2020 - 10:56 PM

I would like my Ancestry tree to be in synch with my tree in RootsMagic at all times without having to manually add new people to the Ancestry tree or manually allow changes to go from RootsMagic to the corresponding Ancestry record.  It doesn't look to me as if TreeShare will do this.  Am I missing something?


If it were automatic then the two trees (RM and Ancestry) would always be in synch.  The way it is now I forget to use the TreeShare button to synch it up, and they get so far out of synch that I end up deleting the tree on the Ancestry side and replacing it with a new copy from RM.  There are two problems with this.  As the Ancestry tree gets behind, common ancestor information and ThruLines in the DNA tab isn't up to date, so I miss the benefit of Ancestry's ability to compare my tree with trees of people whose DNA I match, and when I finally get around to replacing the tree, all of this information in the DNA tab in Ancestry must be re-created.



How quickly does a replacement tree show up in Ancestry via Treeshare?

22 April 2020 - 09:52 AM

I disconnected RM Treeshare from Ancestry so that I could upload a new tree, which I did successfully, at least judging from what I saw on RM.  I know it takes a while to see the new tree in Ancestry, and probably even longer for all the hints to reappear when looking at DNA matches.  Does anyone have an idea as to how quickly this change occurs?

Turn off living flag for people with no dates in old generations

06 April 2020 - 11:43 AM

Is there a way to select people in "old" generations and turn off their living flag, even though they have no dates?  I've read some of the strategies that make decisions based on dates, but the problem is there may be someone who was recently born, in a "current" generation, who has no dates, and someone who is eight generations back with no dates, and I've not found a way to distinguish between them in terms of setting the living flag.