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In Topic: Family Search birth location changes in searh results?

18 December 2017 - 10:17 AM

The FamilySearch Person Tools is displaying the standardized place name. If you view Henrich Anton Geisler on FamilySearch and click to Edit his birth fact you will find that longer place name listed as the standardized place name for the event. 

So this is a default long place name for Hermsdorf.

It may not be accurate.

According to FamilySearch assistants on Facebook there are 30 different towns/villages named Hermsdorf.

In Topic: Generate files for a Website dropping generations from pedigree

30 May 2017 - 04:45 PM

Looks like there is a duplicate entry for Mary Victoria in the family group sheet for the family of Jens Jensen and Marie Louise.

Both entries have the same RM and Family Search id's.

Only way I have found to correct the problem is by detaching Mary Victoria from this family and then reattaching her,

which removes both entries for her in the family group sheet and then the add enters a single entry for her.


Thank you, Steve


Jensen, Mary Victoria (L8PR-RCT) (F)
Parents Jens Jensen (L8P1-9T3) and Marie Louise Wadskjær (L8PR-RFH)
Parents Jens Jensen (L8P1-9T3) and Marie Louise Wadskjær (L8PR-RFH)