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Allow Family Group sheet to be editable

03 January 2016 - 07:33 AM

Please make it so we can edit what is included in Family Group sheet. 


Presently all facts are included. Residences and other facts, notes etc and no way to stop that occurring. I have untucked as many options as I can but still the report is longer than one page even with my own family that has us and only two kids. 


I truly wanted to swap to Rootsmagic7 on my Mac but Family Tree Maker will remain my go to program for report printing and till it is disconnected my ability to search and add details from Ancestry. 


I will continue to hunt for an alternative program that will run FULLY on my Mac. 

I cannot blame Rootsmagic folk for this when I see other companies unable to do any better, Microsoft included for their Office suite cost as much if not more than for Windows PC but does not include as many components as Windows version, it is a poor cousin of the other.