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In Topic: Ancestry to Rootsmagic

12 June 2017 - 05:59 AM

Ancestry has not provide an API for third-parties like RootsMagic to work with their site. That is something they are still considering. You can contact Ancestry (support@Ancestry.com) and let them know you would like RootsMagic to be able to work with them.


For now the only option is copy/paste.

Hi Renee :-)

I'm just wondering if we are any closer to a fix with the link up to Ancestry? 

Also, mate, I saw something on the net the other day about RootsMagic 8 coming this year?? I have not long ago bought 7, Does this mean when 8 comes out it will be a free upgrade???

Look forward to hearing back from you soon Renee

Best Wishes

Annie :-)

Qld, Australia  

In Topic: Ancestry to Rootsmagic

12 June 2017 - 05:53 AM

I am about to switch from Ancestry.com Family Tree maker to Rootsmagic.  I have a question.

Do i still use Ancestry.com and if i do once I trasfer my tree to Rootsmagic how do i insert other data that I get from Ancestry.com after that into the Rootswebmagic tree.  Thanks for any help

Kim Weed

Hi there Kim :-) 

I'm just wondering how you're getting on with Ancestry and RootsMagic?

The link up with Ancestry is taking forever:-(  I have also invested in the new FTM and it's STILL not linking up with Ancestry!

This whole thing with Ancestry is just appalling, and it all has to do with Ancestry rushing into getting rid of their software to go into

the DNA full time. Anyway!! I also here a monthly subscription with Find My Past which works well with RootsMagic plus Family Search which is free as you probably already know anyway mate.

Hope to hear how you're going with the dramas between Roots and Ancestry.... hopefully, they will sort it soon????

Best Wishes

Annie :-)