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Fact Type List - Reports - error from imported Gedcom

31 October 2016 - 12:02 PM



I imported a Gedcom that was sent to me which was originally a Family Tree Maker file.  


After I imported it into RM 7, I started doing some cleanup and needed reports on Fact Types.  Every single Fact Type report gives me exactly the same thing, which is nothing but a vertical view of the word Prepar on Page 1 and the rest of the word - er on Page 2.


I have deselected Print Private Facts and Print Preparer Information and all I get is a vertical skinny page that has a 1 on it.


I have imported dozens of Gedcoms into my RM file and I have never seen this before.


I cannot look at any Fact Type.


I will try to get the original Family Tree Maker file and do a direct import that way and see if my results are the same.


Has anyone ever experienced this?