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29 December 2015 - 01:00 PM


I can't believe how many vendor defined tags FTM uses for events / facts that GEDCOM actually has a tag defined for already.  And why they don't use the EVEN tag for the others like they're supposed to.  Ancestry sure played fast and loose with the GEDCOM spec.


I'll look to see how much of that stuff we can bring in and put it where it is supposed to go.


- Bruce

Thanks, Bruce, for looking into this.  I agree that FTM used too many event/facts and I don't use but a quarter of them.  The ones I do use that don't transfer are easy to identify in FTM and change them to a Custom field, so I don't have a particular problem with them.  That's exactly what I did with the Cause of Death field -- just made a custom field and transferred them all in one swoop. I can't see the need for RM to make all those fields, as it is so easy to fix that on the FTM side.


If an FTM user is having a problem figuring out how to do a global replace of a field into a custom field, just let me know and I'll guide you through.  Just thought I'd let everyone know initially that they may have fields that don't transfer, so they don't get caught later wondering where the info went.


Thanks again, Bruce! 

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23 December 2015 - 11:09 AM

Just a note for those transferring from FTM2014. I did a test using every fact field in FTM. These are the facts that did not make it into RM that would have to be changed to a Custom Field if you want them transferred:












Marriage Bann

Medical Condition (RM has "Illness," but it did go there)

Military Serial Number




Phone Number




I purposely left out the Cause of Death from above list. VERY IMPORTANT. I ran the test twice with Cause of Death from FTM. Make sure you change this to a Custom Field before gedcom to RM. This is what it did:



Death (for John Doe)

Date: 2 Jan 1880

Place: Illinois, USA

Description: See Death Certificate.


Cause of Death (for John Doe)

Description: Food Poisoning



Death (for John Doe)



Description: Food Poisoning

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18 December 2015 - 10:36 AM


FTM does not export the Web Link to the GEDCOM 5.5 file so RootsMagic cannot do anything with it. FTM emigres must campaign with Ancestry.com to get this changed along with other missing things. 

Thank you Tom H:


I was just responding to Renee's query re wishing she had an FTM file showing the web links.

In Topic: Convert FTM Web Address to RM WebTag

18 December 2015 - 08:46 AM

Are these URLs for citations only or are there other areas of FTM where we need to watch for this?  I am adding this in the tracking system. I would love to get a FTM file that has all the variations of links that would need to go into WebTags.


I am not able to upload a screen shot, so I'll just let you know that the only other place that has Web Links in FTM is in the person's individual screen where you see their birth, death, burial, and all other facts and descriptions.  The Web Link is not associated with any fact at all, but rather a separate item just for that person. There is no special linking to multiple individuals.  It is just an "add on" so to speak for that person, kind of like a little source for the person but is not attached to a fact.
If you go to one of my trees on Ancestry, you will see the Web Links I have made in FTM that were synced there. Scroll way down and you will see them.
Hope this was helpful!

In Topic: FTM Refugee Hints

18 December 2015 - 06:06 AM


The @ codes are GEDCOM links (the GEDCOM spec has another term for them, but that's what I call them). That way they can have 1 source (or picture) linked to multiple people. 


The only attributes of an image that appear to be exported into the gedcom is the caption, the path to the image and the Private setting. The Date, Description and Categories values appear to not be exported into the GEDCOM.


Only the FTM developers can fix this one.


Oh! Crud!  Very bad news indeed.  Thanks much for the info.