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Converting FTM 2014 to RootsMagic

16 December 2015 - 09:27 PM

My apologies if this topic is addressed already and I missed it. I am one of the FTM users impacted by Ancestry's decision to discontinue desktop software. My FTM file is 15 years of research. My FTM workflow was to assign sources to individuals and facts. I also have a lot of media in my FTM tree. Some media items are linked to source citations and other media items are linked to people. 
Is there a guide to converting from FTM 2014 to RootsMagic? Is there an area with any FAQ for individuals like myself that are evaluating options?
Some examples of how my data is assembled in FTM are shown in the links below. Will this get unraveled if I attempt to shift to RootsMagic? Will I need to do a lot of manual fixing?




Thank you!