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In Topic: Converting FTM 2014 to RootsMagic

25 December 2015 - 03:08 PM



RM only has back to the 2006 as straight import because of Ancestry.  They, Ancestry, took over the FamilyTreeMaker and changed it, but didn't share out to other software vendors what was needed for them to keep that direct import.  This is not Rootsmagic's fault.  It is Ancestry's fault.  Legacy and Rootsmagic work together, they can direct import each others.  Ancestry didn't play marbles with them.  Ancestry picked up the bag and took it home.


Much like Microsoft not sharing their secrets to others.  FamilyTreeMaker became completely proprietary when Ancestry took it and now they have dropped it.  Bruce is doing what he can, as he can, without doing anything illegal, of which to try and figure out how to make a direct import with the newer versions, without Ancestry sharing, would be just that.  Read the warning that comes with the software.



With all that said.  Bruce has done a good job with the short notice that he had, and considering we ALL already had the strain of approaching holiday, this must have knocked Bruce and other vendors sideways along with all of us FTM users.  The pressure was now on for them to do the best they could for the transport on such notice, and remember, Bruce and other vendor "magicians" have their own families and the holiday too.


Ancestry has been the scrooge and they now put out the bah humbugs along with it, by not giving notice that this was coming up.  They, Ancestry, before this lock down, should have shared out the parts of the code that is needed for other vendors to work on direct imports, should have cared about their software users.  But, Ancestry didn't do that.  Ancestry didn't care about their software users.  Never have really, as proven by the stunt they pulled.  Ancestry, did what Ancestry seems to do best.  Lock things down and then pull the rug out from everyone.


Merry Christmas to Bruce and team and his & his team's familes.  Thanking them for their patience and enduring this upheaval along with all the rest of us FTM users.  A rock to cling to in the turmoil of this holiday season, while we wait for the turbulence to settle and as we, FTM users, can get our feet back on the ground, get our bearings and move forward.


My many thanks to Rootsmagic and all involved.


Merry Christmas to all, and may this be a sign that the New Year will be a bright and good one, that there will be good to come out of all this bad upheaval.

In Topic: GEDCOM Ancestry Tree Downloader

21 December 2015 - 07:38 PM

Well, what d'ya know...  I had not noticed... got my blinders on I'm reckoning...


Purnell - Names Encyclopedia
*Purnell reversed is Llenrup*
Plain as day, when you realize it.

In Topic: GEDCOM Ancestry Tree Downloader

21 December 2015 - 07:28 PM

There was also a discussion the the FamilyHistorian forum, back last June, about the website and John Purnell.  Ya'll might want to take a peek... and see what they were saying...  The entries about it start at the ninth one down.  Mike Tate states he added it to their Knowledge Base...





[hmmm... Mervyn, are you the Mervyn on that FamilyHistorian page?  I just now realized the same names as one of the posters there...]



Hmmm, he also is listed on GenSoftReviews... the second and third entries...



In Topic: GEDCOM Ancestry Tree Downloader

21 December 2015 - 07:21 PM

His name is John Purnell, according to this...






"I have created a free web based tree splitting service athttp://llenrup.com/splitterthat should help.
answered Feb 26 by John Purnell G2G Rookie (210 points)"
Clicking his name on the page gave his bio page there.
*I too had felt...."hmmmm" when looking at his website, looking at all the pages/links, because of the lack of identity and the process he uses.  So, I googled [erm, Yahoo'd] "Llenrup" and got the hit to the wikitree.
So, this just might be a plausible way of doing things for some, especially with Ancestry stopping FTM sales.  Granted, personally, like mjashby, I'd want things with the guy checked out a bit more...  Maybe some more googling [erm, Yahooing in my case] of he, himself, might give us more to go on, not to mention, if anyone wants to give him a scribble or a shout out and see what he answers.

In Topic: Tree View?

15 December 2015 - 09:22 AM

Laura, yes, you can reduce/increase or close the right and left sides, by just moving the right and left separator bars to the right or left and make the central area bigger. Just like you can in Rootsmagic in the timeline view with the index open or shut. The top section, you can make smaller/larger by raising/lowering the separator bar.  Not like Rootsmagic.


You can also change the view to just pedigree, which is what I use mostly (look at the 2 symbols below the house, has pedigree or family view).   All person information on the right side, all notes accessible to view right there via tabs in that section, or double-click the notes section and it will open into a window box, just like Rootsmagic.  The event fields up and down that right side is customizable to show as much or as little as you want.


The next tab, up top, is the person information page.  Similar to Rootsmagic's timeline view, with the facts up and down the left side and the information box to the fact on the right side.  


The only thing different to that part, is that below that right side information box, is a box with tabs, that you can easily view sources attached, notes typed or media attached. No opening/closing windows/boxes repeatedly.   I mostly leave the note tab showing where I can see my transcribed notes without having to open it.  I use this section very heavily.  I transcribe EVERYTHING and make a lot of commentary.  You can glance up and down your facts and quick scan the attached notes for spotting clues that you might not otherwise realize is just sitting there waiting for you to see.  You can click the source tab and scan up and down the facts and see exactly what all sources are attached or missing.  It is the one thing that frustrates me the most about Rootsmagic, is that Rootsmagic already has the "blank" space just sitting there, but they do not put 'at least' the note field for easy viewing of it or typing of quick notes.  I glance around and compare things constantly, being able to be aware of exactly what all I have on everyone.  Keeps my mind refreshed easier.


Also, on that same person tab, below the facts timeline section, is the person/research notes/weblinks field.  This also you can make larger or smaller or completely collapse it by raising/lowering the bar.  At the top of the person tab, is a small 3 generation pedigree view with an "index button" for easy access to the full person index (similar to the Ancestry website).  There are drop down arrows on the people so you can see children and siblings and able to click whom you want to move to next.  Really handy, totally out of the way of your workspace.


It is ALL completely customizable to suit the individual researcher's needs.  Facts can be copy/pasted like Legacy, along with sources just like Rootsmagic and Legacy.  For sources pasted from the clipboard, you can choose to be identical (link to what is on the clipboard) or to be a copy so that you can edit for that particular piece of information/event.  This drastically helps reduce the need for going to all citations for editing if you use the 'link' when you can.


I really hope the Rootsmagician will seriously consider adding some of these options into Rootsmagic.  He would have an awesome piece of software if he did.  I like Rootsmagic, but, I get frustrated with the repeated opening and closing of windows/boxes, when it isn't necessary.  The space is just sitting there, "blankly", waiting to be used.