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Export Media from Family Tree Maker 2 for Mac

11 December 2015 - 01:41 PM

In light of Ancestry's recent "bombshell," I need to transition off of Family Tree Maker 2 for the Mac. So I took advantage of generous offer by RootsMagic to take in us "FTM refugees" at a very reasonable price, and now I'm trying out the new software.  


I *have* read the instructions, but still not sure how/whether I can export my FTM 2 Mac tree WITH the media files, so that RootsMagic for Mac can automatically link to the media.


Family Tree Maker 2 for Mac offers the following export options: 

  • The native Family Tree Maker 2 for Mac format
  • Family Tree Maker 2010 for Mac
  • GEDCOM 5.5 (Standard)
  • GEDCOM for FTM 16

The GEDCOM formats have the option to "Include media files" pre-selected but grayed out--whatever that is supposed to mean.  


The GEDCOM 5.5 I created did not seem to export any info about my media files, not surprisingly.


I have fewer than 700 downloaded media items, but that's enough that I wouldn't care to re-link them by hand.  


Any suggestions gratefully considered.