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WebSearch - Ancestry.com - family tree view - cannot move

11 December 2015 - 02:08 PM

I have searched the forums to see if anyone else has this problem; my apologies if I missed a topic already posted.


I do not "use" Ancestry.com to post my genealogy files, but I do use it as a research tool (of course!). I wasn't thrilled with their latest incarnation of the user family trees posted and definitely do not like the way the "family tree" and "pedigree" views operate . . .


So this problem may have more to do with Ancestry than RM7.


The issue is this:
I am using the RM7 Websearch and internal browser.


In a RM7 websearch of ancestry.com, I will run across someone's family tree that I want to view.  Prior to a couple of months ago, when I clicked on "xxx family tree" I would be taken to a graphic interface - either in "tree view" or "pedigree view".  The interface could be scaled for size and dragged around so the various parts could be seen.


After I upgraded to Windows 10 - *sigh* - I realized that while I can still see the view in RM's internal browser window, and scale the graphic interface, I can no long drag it around the page. The four-direction arrow still shows, but will not function.

This "family tree" view does function properly in an external browser . . . but I like using the internal browser in RM; it's one of my favorite features (yes, I am pouting . . .).


It's a small annoyance, but enough of one that I thought I'd check and see if anyone knows of a fix.


Thank you for you time!


I have a fully updated version of Windows 10 (as of this morning, since they seem to be updating almost daily)

I use RM7 - updated as of 1 Dec 2015