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In Topic: RM7 website files

10 March 2018 - 01:17 PM

Thanks kbensOn for your comments and test.  I have tried the addresses recently on my own with the term "sites" included and they also worked. I think I will notify various relatives to try that address for awhile.  This issue seems to defy logic.  

In Topic: RM7 website files

10 March 2018 - 09:14 AM

Greetings folks.  I recently published two trees on myRootsMagic.  One has worked well but the second one is somewhat exasperating. A couple of relatives-and myself-have trouble opening the site.  The address is ok sometimes and then fails.  I am wondering if different browsers affect opening the site.

I have RM v. 7.5.5, windows 10, chrome browser and have never had any issues.

   So, I thought I would post the actual site to see what more knowledgeable people than I could comment.  And, lastly, is there a preferred address?

   Here are two sites that have both worked and both failed:





   A relative emailed me that both addresses worked at one point and then failed.  She said she actually called RootsMagic and was told that the addresses I provided above are incorrect.This seems farfetched.  Finally, I am a fan of RootsMagic and always recommend it to friends who are looking to start their own research. Support is great. I look forward to any comments. 

   (incidentally, the second site which has had no problems is:  myrootsmagic.com/EdStrandmanHartshorn)


                                                                         thanks,  Ed Hartshorn