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Creating comprehensive chart/tree via Reports

14 November 2015 - 06:58 PM


Hopefully this is a simple question, although I haven't been able to find this topic after browsing through the previous discussions.


For an upcoming family reunion, I'm looking to create and print the most comprehensive chart or tree possible, showing all of the individuals and their relationships in my database. However, the closest I can find is the Wall Chart, which isn't sufficient. If I start with me, it only shows my direct descendants (not uncles, cousins, their marriages, etc.) But if I use my oldest known descendant as the starting person, it omits all of the other branches not directly descended from him.


I've found various list options (Ahnentafel, Individual, Kinship, etc.) that would show everyone, but the presentation format isn't as a chart or tree.


Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! Would I need to create this as a Custom Report, and if so, any tips on where to start?