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01 July 2019 - 03:21 PM



Thanks Rooty. That helps narrow the field.

My experience is different from Rooty.  I've been using MacFamilyTree for a number of years and find it excellent.  I was driven to it by frustration with RM, plus the decision by Reunion to abandon an interface with FamilySearch (apart from that, Reunion is my favourite family history app).  I can understand Rooty's comment though.  The MFT user interface is unlike any other and takes a bit of getting used to.  But like any learning curve, as you persist it becomes familiar, manageable, and eventually in my case, enjoyable and productive.  Best of all for my needs, the interface with FamilySearch is smooth as silk and very fast (better, in my opinion, than RM).  The earliest versions were a bit clunky with FamilySearch but the connection and data share is superb in MFT8.  In fact, MFT has steadily improved from the first versions and is now a powerful, well-featured, customisable tool.  Its graphical charts are second to none.  It's certainly worth downloading a demo and having a play.  No idea why top 10 dropped it - it has good reviews in the Apple Store, with an average of 4.3.