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06 April 2017 - 08:17 PM



This is a plea to RootsMagic, please hurry up and get the Ancestry synch bit sorted out. For years I've struggled with FTM for it's link to Ancestry, now that link is broken and Mackiev want between £65,00 and £80.00 for a new version that will link to Ancestry. On top of that I was in the process of reinstalling all my computers when the ancestry link broke and I had done quite a few updates to my main local file and now FTM cannot open that file at all . :wub:. so a week's work lost.

It will be a cold day in h*** before I payout for a new copy of FTM which costs double the price of the old one with no guarantees that it will work.

So Please, please, please hurry up so that I can settle down to using a decent program for the little time I have left on the planet. :)





Actually they are giving a discount it's only like $25 USD for the upgrade and should equate to less in GBP.  Be patient from what I'm hearing from Mackiev the stress of about 5000 beta testers synching at the same time is degrading ancestry.  I would say that the same thing would apply to Rootsmagic.


It's not a "software" issue on our side it's a "server" issue on Ancestry.com



In Topic: Progress report for "native" Mac version?

06 April 2017 - 08:13 PM

Development is current working on the Ancestry Sync.


Once Ancestry sync is complete they will resume working on the native Mac version of RootsMagic. 


It looks like Ancestry Sync is coming along great... hope it will work in the current Mac solution and the native mac version won't be far off.


Thanks Renee



In Topic: Progress report for "native" Mac version?

06 April 2017 - 08:12 PM

Sorry, but I am missing the point of this comment. You can start today using RM7 for Mac and then migrate to whatever version comes in the future. Yes, you will have to pay for RM7 and then presumably the upgrade price of the new version, but at least you can get going. What am I missing? What is your objection to RM7 for Mac?


Sorry but while the wine-bottled Roots Magic works it only works to some extent.  I tried to generate a webpage using the current mac-bridge and it chokes when you do bigger things.


We need the full native Mac Rootsmagic.