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Ancestry syncing and wife with same name as husband

12 October 2017 - 10:55 AM


My practice is to always enter women into my tree with their maiden name only or leave the surname blank when I don't know it. My tree of 10000 people does have a handful of cases where a wife does have the same surname as her husband. I realize from treeshare that there are hundreds of people in my ancestry tree where wives have been entered with the same name as their husband. This means that when I open the treesync and select "show changed" that the first few hundred entries are these faux or mechanical differences that look like:
, Ann. -->. Jones, Ann

I would love a mechanism that would fix the surnames of all of these women in ancestry in one operation. Is this, and other bulk ancestry changes on the wish list for RootsMagic?

Street Addresses

12 October 2017 - 10:34 AM

If I use services like thegenealigist.co.uk I can get actual street addresses from U.K. Census records. This is valuable with common names because frequently people married people who lived in the same street or had siblings and parents around the corner.

But clearly places are not intended to hold street addresses. Place Details seem useful for church names where town X might have seven churches but aren't an obvious fit for street addresses. Does anyone have a workable system for tracking street addresses within RootsMagic?

Impact of TreeSync on duplicate people - editing costs

16 September 2017 - 10:37 AM



I love the new TreeSync feature. I know have the holy grail of being able to keep RM, ancestry.com and familysearch all in synch without double entry. At least that's the theory. The reality can be a bit messier. Duplicate person records seem more common. So whilst this new feature is saving time and improving the breadth of my Rootsmagic trees, it is also generating new work. So parts of the RM interface that were mildly imperfect are now becoming major annoyances as the mix of operations is changing.  Here  is a particularly bad example of  a record created from a merge. The 19 facts marked in yellow are duplicates that I want to remove.


[continues below image ...





The fastest way I have found to do this cleanup is to select a fact, hit <alt>D  then <enter> to delete, then move my cursor down with arrow to next duplicate fact and repeat.  That's a pretty slow operation for an action that is becoming much more common.


Are there any plans to improve the usability of this operation? Here are four different suggestions that might reduce the cost of this type of operation but which work in very different ways:


  1. Have a setting that prevents confirmation dialogs
  2. Have a live delete button next to each fact - similar to those found on retail sites to remove items from a shopping cart.
  3. Have an easy way to select multiple facts and then press the delete button to delete all in one step


Any of these would make a noticeable improvement.


Peter Booth