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The future of the sqlitetools website wiki classroom ?

14 August 2018 - 06:16 AM

Does anyone kow about the future of the https://sqlitetoolsf.../SQLite Querieswebsite?

It says loudly that the underlying software/site will become accessible in  two weeks.


Does anyone know if the organizer(s) have a plan to migrate it? 

How big is too big?

12 August 2018 - 11:28 AM

Right now the size of my "regular" tree is about 8500 people, which can maks it unwieldy to manipulate.  I have considered splitting it into four quarters, rooted by each of my grandparents, and working on each of the four at a time, or making an "all ancestors but three generations of descendants tree, which is about 2800 people.


What do other people do here with large trees?


Does anyone have a workable strategy?

How large is too large?


Is there a practical largest possible tree to manage?


Just curious,



VirtualBox fixes the RM for MAC issues

02 August 2018 - 07:01 AM



Like some people here I have been bedeviled with issues when using RM7 for Mac:


freezing when windows go out of focus

freezing when using Family Search functionality

sometimes exiting without closing the underlying wine processes

crashes due to the old issue with Apple's new filesystem and Crossover/wine

poor font visibility/clarity


Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and installed Virtual Box, created a Windows 10 VM and installed RM7 on it.

The difference is amazing - no freezing or crashing, fonts look like perfect crisp cleartype fonts that

 I would see on a Windows box. 


I work in technology and I have used Virtual Box in the past. It took me about 50 minutes start to finish

which involved looking for Microsoft's virtual images that can be downloaded and used for free. There

is contradictory information online regarding how long the VMs will work for and whether they can be

"renewed" Some say that the Windows 7 VM can be renewed every 90 days for up to 540 days. I'm using

a Windows 10 VM because it downloaded before the Windows 7 VM. These ova files are distributed by 

Microsoft for free so that developers can test their websites on various combinations of browser and OS.

Virtual Box is quite similar to Parallels, available for free on the Oracle website. Virtual Box is probably a

little more developer focused and tad finickier to install than Parallels.


So far I am delighted by how well this is working.




Feature Request: Time Saver with places

02 May 2018 - 06:03 PM

Im wondering if a feature something like the following might be added?


My family tree is very UK focused and so, after importing baptism facts I get duplicate places that look like this:


Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

St Peter,'s Church Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Saint Silas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England

Saint Sylvestri, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
In some cases this place name can be geocoded. In most cases it cannot.
In general the place name is of the format <churchname> <town>, <county>, <country>
(Let's ignore United Kingdom for now) and, whilst it cant be geocoded, the place name 
can be. In those casses, it wou;d be great if there were a "tidy up" function that would
clean up these and add the church name as a place detail.
Is  this possible?




How to merge bad surnames with Ancestry

05 March 2018 - 08:18 AM



I am repeatedly seeing the same issue when merging an RM file with an Ancestry public tree.

The scenario starts with me having used ancestry.com and accepted a hint from another

person's public tree, so that my ancestry.com public tree says I have a Dennis Carter married to

a Lucy Carter whereas Rootsmagic correctly shows a Dennis Carter married to Lucy (no surname).

When I try to synch with ancestry I cant seem to overwrite ancestry's bad "Carter" surname with "None"

from Rootsmagic by selecting Update existing name on ancestry