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30 July 2015 - 06:40 AM

I have had this problem before when I used LibreOffice but it disappeared when I installed Word. Now I have a new computer, operating system and recent version of Word and it is back again.


I am a user of RM just as it comes from the CD or download. I don't find it necessary to change anything. I find it works well for whatever report or use I need  .


In Report Settings, Page Layout: when selecting portrait, it shows landscape but prints portrait. The reverse happens if I select landscape.


The viewer shows the overlapping events and header and footer. Changing the margins, fonts and layout does not solve the problem. 


Changing the settings in my printer program doesn't help - I still get the opposite of what I want. 


Saving the report to Word results in the orientation I want but it still prints and shows as a mess - overlapping lines, no margins etc.


Word and RM operate fine together with other reports but mess up a pedigree report every time. This is the same problem I had when using LibreOffice as my default computer program.