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Family Search not accepting sources, new info

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

FamilySearch tech support won't listen to me because they label it as a RootsMagic tech support issue. FamilySearch Family Tree is not adding sources sent from RootsMagic, which is probably a server malfunction on their end. I read that you notified development. Please pass along the clue that the process works fine when a source is attached to a relationship, such as when a death record is attached to the deceased and his late wife, but it does not get attached to the deceased to document his birth, death etc. only the relationship to the spouse.

easier calculator

Yesterday, 08:11 PM

For the date of birth, if I am compiling one marriage or death record after another (or birth records which give the ages of the parents) let the user enter




and have the machine convert that to


calculated 1854


to reduce keystrokes.


My database, BTW is getting bigger and I have newfound cousins contacting me to collaborate on connecting lines. Users should consider, depending on the size of the ancestral town and the available records, compiling the whole set rather than searching back and forth through old indices.

Vital records compiler edition

Yesterday, 12:30 PM

I have been compiling the vital records of my ancestral home town, which have been scanned and put on line. For the 1915 births, the most recent year for which these records are on line, there were 100 birth records, and 28 of those connect to my lines, up from 23 when I actually entered them.


First, before I forget, a tip: To count persons, do File > Export  and under People to Export, select Select from List. When the next screen says, Select People, click Mark Group and select Select People by data fields. All of the descendants of my ancestors are in red. Then I click OK and it says how many persons it selected.


Anyway, compiling BMD's is very different from usual genealogy, in that it is highly repetitive. I type in the source, for example, "Castelcivita civil death records of 1940 number 28" and then the link and then "as accessed on 14 December 2018" without a period, since RootsMagic adds one anyway. Then I highlight that and paste it into the Short footnote, but then I delete all but "Castelcivita civil death records of 1940 number 28" but I paste the whole thing into Bibliography. (FamilySearch records, by the way, let you click a link to copy a well-written source into the clipboard.)


Now, I need something with an interface that does not take up much area on my screen, so I can see the record while typing it in; instead of writing it down on scrap paper and typing it in from that. The interface would have to be designed for one type of record, such as marriage records. If I am doing marriage records that day, I would set it in marriage records mode. Then I would type in the data. The source would pre-load except for the record number and the URL; the program would insert the current date from my machine's internal clock.





Stopped adding sources to FamilySearch

13 December 2018 - 06:09 PM

Until a few minutes ago, around 23:50 UTC (16:50 in Utah) on 13 December 2018, I had no trouble transferring sources to FamilySearch. Suddenly it has stopped accepting them. It looks like RootsMagic sends them, but they don't get added to FamilySearch. I contacted FamilySearch support.

Does not transfer marriages to FamilySearch

07 December 2018 - 10:46 AM

I just recently noticed that after entering large numbers of marriages, building the framework for the vital records of my ancestral hometown, and entering the ones connected to my lines onto FamilySearch:


1.) I find that the bride's parents, or the groom's parents, are already on my lines and already connected. If the bride happens to be the one, I enter her first, because she is connected to her parents. Then I enter the groom. Then I enter his parents. That way, nobody is disconnected. I do all this after putting the marriage into RootsMagic 7.


2.) The names of the groom and bride, and the approximate birth dates, transfer when I add those persons to FamilySearch, but the marriage did not. That is a lot of marriage dates that could have been showing in FamilySearch, especially since the source is the marriage record.