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In Topic: HELP! Menus disappeared

12 January 2020 - 04:37 PM

I found an answer on another thread to restore to defaults, and the toolbar re-appeared, and then I changed the fonts to something I like.

In Topic: Color code shortcut

12 January 2020 - 04:27 PM

Many persons follow the custom of including the spouses of cousins, and the parents of the spouses, which helps identify the spouse. They limit the relatives of the spouse to the parents in their report because the other relatives of the spouse are not related to the tree. RM should have a feature, INCLUDE SPOUSES AND THEIR PARENTS which would be one color; then after they are all color-coded, color-code the descendants INCLUDE SPOUSES (my maroon) and then color-code the descendants (my red). For my ancestral town I found it necessary to use a color (green) as a warning that there are two couples in the town with the same names.


I think the whole database should be but one chapter of a book with chapters. Notes like, look how old this bride is compared to her husband, could be easily located. I am blessed with a town where marriage records called processetti include transcripts of the birth records of the bride and groom, and if the father isn't alive to consent, his death transcript, and if the paternal grandfather is not alive to consent, his death transcript, which is shaky because the bureaucrat might have picked the wrong man with the same name, but sometimes the grandfather's wife is named and it matches the father's mother. Warnings like this could be included as a preface to the family group record.

In Topic: when a record is wrong.

27 December 2019 - 12:18 PM

On this same subject, what is the point of having a middle name if you abbreviate it to an initial even in obituaries and on grave monuments? Obituaries are intended for the immediate audience but they will understand the full name; and on grave monuments, which are intended for future generations, the middle name helps identify which John W. Smith is in the grave.

In Topic: Historic vs current event locations / places

27 December 2019 - 10:07 AM

Thanks to all for the feedback. I think I have my main question answered. I am not a "genealogist", at most I guess I am an "amateur genealogist". However, I do have a desire to "get things right". My audiance (family and friends) are not genealogists either. They just want to know when and where something happened, expressed in a way that they can understand. It appears there are many differing opinions about how to handle place names.


I think the best solution, for me, is to follow Jerry's initial advice. Enter place names as they existed at the time of the event, enter clarifying notes as needed, turn off  RM's "County Check", use RM's Gazetteer as a quick reference, and use the most authoritative research available to help explain the name used in historical context.


I have run numerous report tests including events with place names entered in this way, and everything seems to work fine.


Thanks again



You may help yourself to my resources at http://gedcomindex.com/reference.html which I put into the public domain.

In Topic: Historic vs current event locations / places

27 December 2019 - 10:03 AM

Places names are the most complicated concept in genealogy. They are controlled by time, language, religious view, political view. The audience a report/document need to be made aware of these factors and good reporting will help them to understand your document better. The report generator should help you make this learning process easier.



Consider the poor genealogist who has to decide whether to say Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas. And consider the poor cartographers who don't dare draw solid lines for this: https://goo.gl/maps/XFzEXdcEnqqZCpzZ6