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In Topic: A suggestion regarding the Lollipop problem

03 June 2015 - 07:18 PM

I have spent 10's of hours thinking my Samsung Tablet 5 running Android 5.02 was broken.  Thanks to you guys at RM for sending out email notices to us registered users about this problem.  My tablet worked fine until about two weeks ago, then ---------.  The only info I found here was blaming my database which I had done some new inputs to, but nothing out of the ordinary.  You suggested I doa a database validity check and "clear all the flags" about "Illegal Characters" which you suggest are ordinary things like parens, quotes, etc.  I thank you so much for building my confidence in your staff.


BTW, the Southern Cal Gen Soc Jamboree begins tomorrow, Thursday.  I'm sure you'll have many very happy patrons there.

In Topic: RM7 app stops working frequently on Android tablet

31 May 2015 - 03:55 PM

Mine was working this morning, then kept STOPPING when I updated the database.  Tried "cleaning" the data but no help.  Put an older version into Dropbox to see if yesterday's changes were the problem.  Samt STOPPED problem.  Uninstalled and reinstalled APP several times, restarting the Samsung Tab 5 inbetween.  Still STOPPED.  Very annoying with the So Calif Gen Soc Jamboree stating in a few days.