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Fact Sentence Reference Shared Fact Role?

26 June 2016 - 11:26 PM

When I add a fact in RM7, I can customize the sentence. Or I can make a custom fact with my own sentence structure. When I share a fact with other people in the database, it gives them a sentence too, depending on their role. Can I have the custom sentence for the person who "owns" the fact reference people who the fact is shared with?


Here's an example.


I just added the fact "Blessing" for my infant son. His sentence reads something like "[Name] was blessed [date] at [place].". I want to capture who was there, and who participated in the blessing. I gave the blessing, and some family members helped. If I share the event with myself, I will get a sentence too as a "witness". I understand that I can create a custom role, and customize the sentence from there.


What I want to do is to have my son's sentence be smart and know that the fact is shared with someone, and if that particular role is present, to access that with a field code in the sentence. I'd like it to read, for instance: "[Boy] was blessed by [shared_role:performed] on [date] at [place]."


It's not necessarily enough to list myself as a witness/performer of the blessing under my record, because I'd like my son's narrative report to show who blessed him, etc. I know I can customize the sentence and manually enter the names, but I'd like it to be dynamic if at all possible.


Is this possible?