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Looking for RM7 report similar to TMG Ahnentafel - direct line

18 June 2016 - 10:37 AM

I used the report name "Ahnentafel -Direct Line" in TMG quite frequently and still do. Is there a similar RM7 report?


The RM7 "Relationship Chart" is very much the same but presents only a chart. Also, the facts to include are not as flexible. I would really like to have a RM7 report that outputs in text and is as flexible as RM7 allows in selecting the facts to include in the report.


I can understand that RM7 is not the same as TMG [for one, major, thing RM7 is a "live" program with ongoing development & support!] but I want to be sure I am not missing something in RM7 since I am much less familiar with RM7.