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deleted people still showing up in tree share changes window

22 May 2018 - 02:08 PM

Hi listers!

I have recently had an issue with deleting people in Ancestry tree share.


I keep my main tree in RM and sync to Ancestry. I know there are issues with the sync especially with the slowness of the process and the fact that memorized sources apparently never get over to Ancestry for some reason. But, I like the idea of having my data on ancestry and using the hints and making my tree shareable.


So, recently (2 to 3 weeks) I have had this happen:

Delete a person in RM

Go to treeshare and choose delete in Ancestry

It is deleted from the changed people list

Exit treeshare

Go back to treeshare and that person is back in the list as being changed (no RM person do I want to add to RM or delete from Ancestry?)


At first it was just a single person and I didn't worry about it too much because it wasn't causing me any troubles.  But now I've got about 10 of them and I'm annoyed by it.



  • The person isn't Really in Ancestry.  If I go to my online tree, they aren't there. 
  • I think it happens on people where the treehshare function gets interrupted by those weird treeshare errors that arise occasionally (like there is a communication glitch or something between RM and Ancestry and the report the error box comes up).  I'm not 100% sure of this, but I wonder if the process gets interrupted somehow and causes this.
  • I tried adding the person from treeshare back to RM and then checking in treeshare that they don't show up anymore.  That part is good. Then deleting them in RM and using treeshare to delete them in Ancestry and they don't delete.


Anyone else having this?

Anybody found a solution?




Ancestry tree share hints

10 July 2017 - 02:31 PM

I'm still not consistently seeing the ancestry hints in RM. I know the initial reports were that if you went into Ancestry and navigated around your tree it would trigger the hint refresh or whatever it is.
I find that the hints seem to be randomly coming through. Not on random people, but at random times. IE sometimes no hints at all, other times they seem to be there. This seem independent of what I do in Ancestry.
I know there is lots going on and I can wait patiently if is something being worked on, but if it is something I am doing (or not) I'd like to know.

List facts citing a certain source

29 May 2017 - 02:01 PM


I am cleaning up my source list, which has gotten a bit messy and duplicative.


Can anyone help with how to see which facts or people cite a certain source? I want to double check how and where a source is used before deciding to combine it with another or rework the citation. I've played a little with creating a group, but I can't seem to figure out which variables to use.


Thanks in advance,


A few enhancement requests

26 May 2017 - 09:43 AM

As a new user, I have run across a few things that would make my life easier. I decided to keep track of them and share. These are just my little notes. Definitely not criticisms. I am enjoying the software a lot and the process of learning new ways of doing things is great for examining my ways of recording data and reporting it out. 


·        On add person screen, would be nice to have a source button and have it attach the source to everything on the screen instead of clicking ok on the add and then going into the individual and copying and pasting the source to multiple facts.

·        On fact entry screen it would be nice to have a screen that displayed family or “associates/witnesses” to choose from when attaching other people to a fact.  It is a pain to search through the database for each kid on a census entry and most people that would share an event are related in some way.

·        On reports/screens that use the Reference Number, could we have an option to sort in numerical value rather than alpha numeric? (1,12,2,21,9).

·        On the people view screen where you can customize the columns it would be nice if we could display father, mother, spouse. This really helps in sorting out people with the same name or spotting duplicates. I know spouse might be difficult since there could be more than one, but at least the parents would be really helpful.

·        On the people view screen, it would be nice if we could display the “hints” lightbulb!


That's all for now. Thanks, RootsMagic, for listening!