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Citing sources for relationships

20 May 2015 - 03:42 PM

I have been struggling with how to cite a source for relationships, for example, how do I source a parent-child relationship? I thought that if I highlighted the Parents from the Edit Person window and attached a source in the Parent Family Details section, that would do the trick. However, those sources carry over to each child in the family and I end up with a multitude of sources that have nothing to do with the other children. For example, I might cite the baptismal record for child 1 when highlighting Parents in Child 1's Edit Person window. Then I go to child 2 and cite that child's birth certificate. But when I click the Sources button when I get to Child 2's Edit Person window, I see Child 1's baptismal certificate as a source, which has nothing to do with Child 2. If I go ahead and add Child 2's source and move on to Child 3, I will see all the sources I added for each child's relationship to their parents (which is what I thought I was citing). Obviously, the Parent Family Details Sources is not what I thought it was.


So this brings me to 2 questions, really: 1) How do I cite my source for the parent-child relationship? 2) Please explain what the Parent Family Details sources purpose is.


Thank you for your help.

Hot-key for last date entered

06 April 2015 - 03:33 PM

I would really like a hot-key or right-click function that would copy the last date you entered into a new fact, or even give you a list of the last five or so dates you entered from which you can choose to enter into the date field for a new fact. For example, a census record will generate a minimum of three facts for the head of household (census, residence, and occupation) and potentially occupation facts for other members of the household, all of which would have the same date. It would really speed up data entry if you copy the last date you entered into the new fact rather than typing the date all over again.