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In Topic: Tools to use Proven/Disputed/Disproven tags

07 March 2018 - 09:54 AM

I just discovered this thread and see that it raises the same concerns as another one ( see New Proven-Unproven Fact Type).  The problem is that the adjectives proven, disproven and disputed do not adequately describe the researcher's level of confidence in facts and linkages that are probably correct but to not meet the standards of proof in the genealogical context.  Particiants in the other thread have suggested the inclusion of terms such as possible, probable and asserted in the drop down list.  One might argue that disputed covers the middle ground between proven and disproven, might but disputed is better applied to facts where conflicting evidence has not been resolved. Further to the point raised by Don above, if RootsMagic is being used as a research tool, characterizing the confidence level of facts and linkages identifying those that require additional research (and especially useful if these were highlighted somehow in the fact list). 

In Topic: New Proven-Unproven Fact Type

06 March 2018 - 10:54 AM

I would like to encourage action on the suggestions in this thread, which have been in the tracking system for three years.   The problem from my perspective is that the options currently provided under Proof: (proven, disproven, disputed, blank) do not adequately express the level of confidence in a conclusion regarding a fact, which is important in deciding where to focus effort during ongoing research. The adjectives most commonly used the genealogical literature are possible, probable and proven. These are not precisely defined but reflect increasing level of confidence.  Two participants in the thread request that "asserted" be added.  Why not add possible, probable and asserted to the drop down list.  Disputed and disproven are useful in certain circumstances and could be retained.  This would give a total of six choices plus the blank, which would be manageable.  In the event, it would also be useful if the probable, possible and asserted conclusions could be highlighted in the fact list by italics, for example.