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In Topic: Freezing when linked to Family Search

07 February 2015 - 07:34 PM

I started having this problem last night.  I am running version  I was working fine before last night.  It is a windows 7 machine. The Find Matches and Sharing tabs work, but the Ordinances do not.  I get the dotted wheel spinning.  It is happening on people it formally worked on, and those I have newly created.  I normally login into FamilySearch via the popup window that displays when I first go to FamilySearch.  I have also tried logging via the File menu.  I have run all the database tools.  I can login to the FamilySearch website and look at the ordinances and do reservations.  I checked my firewall setting and there is no blocking of FamilySearch.org, and I presume this is the case because Find and Sharing work.