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Blank "people" showing up in RootsMagic after attempted transfer from FamilySea...

23 January 2015 - 04:33 PM

I have only noticed this new problem since getting a new computer in December and loading RootsMagic on it. My computer is running Windows 8, my RootsMagic is version


This is what happens: In the Share Data window, I am attempting to add a new child to my RootsMagic file from Family Search. I click on the name of the child I am trying to add, and it confirms that I am adding this person as a child of the correct parents. Then, the share data window refreshes. Instead of it showing the child I just tried to add, it shows a blank person. I then attempt the transfer again and it works correctly. But there is a blank space remaining in my file in RootsMagic.


When I go back to the regular Family tab, I can see the blank person in that view as well. It has no name, no birthdate, but does have a gender. When I try to delete this "person," I get a message that says I must first highlight the person to be deleted.


Is there any way to get rid of these blank people?


I took several screenshots and was going to share them to help explain what was happening, but could not insert them into this message.


Thank you for any help you can offer.




Margo Mead

Portland, Oregon