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Running RM7 against a production database and a test database

12 July 2020 - 09:40 PM

I plan to run a test RM7 database against which I will test things that might corrupt my production database.  When I'm happy I've got it right then I will apply the change to my production database.  Things I'd like to test include complicated Source Templates, automatic screen-scraping scripts, etc.


If I use the same set of folders for both my test and production databases I run the risk of damaging the production environment (if not the production database itself).  For example, if I'm not careful then during testing I might inadvertently delete an item in the media gallery (thinking it was only required for the test database) which is actually needed for the production database.  And all my .rmgb backup files will (without manual override by me) end up in the same backup folder.


The Tools/Program Options/Folders setting applies to all databases.  I would like to run RM7 with a different set of folders for the test database and production database.  One tedious way is to remember to change some of the Tools/Program Options/Folders setting before doing any work, but this is a bit tedious.  


Is there a way to tell RM7 I want to use a different set of folders for a particular database?  How have others tackled this test/production requirement?


TIA ... John.

Variable processing delays

15 May 2020 - 08:21 PM

I'm using a scripting program (Automator on a Mac) to automate some RM7 routine tasks, which emulates the keyboard to enter a set of commands and text.


I get that the scripting needs to allow for processing delays - for example it takes RM7 a finite amount of time to convert a date field to the specified format.  So the script needs to wait while this is done before proceeding to the next task.


But I'm finding that sometimes RM7 seems to go AWOL for quite a few seconds.  Also it seems using the Enter key to navigate between citation fields means RM7 responds faster than using the Tab key.


Does anyone have any understanding or experience in the way RM7 responds to user input, particularly the Source Citation screen, as it might affect RM7's responsiveness to keystrokes?


TIA ... John

Compatibility between Mac and Windows versions of RM

03 May 2020 - 10:50 PM

I currently run the Mac version of RM under Catalina.


I'm planning to take my .rmgc database over to the Windows version of RM installed in a Windows (under Bootcamp) environment, where I plan to do some editing and changes.


Will there be any compatibility issues with bringing the .rmgc file edited under RM-Windows back to RM under Catalina?  Seems a silly question but I'm interested in whether anyone has seen differences between the two versions of RM.  What got me thinking is that the button shortcuts (Alt+E for the Edit button etc.) are different between the two versions.


TIA ... John.

Unable to export Source Template

30 April 2020 - 03:36 AM

When I try to export one of my Source Templates I receive the following dialog box:


"The save file operation failed


The save file operation failed to connect to the open

and save panel service."


Any suggestions as to how I can export a Source Template?


P.S. there quite a bit of traffic on the net reporting this same issue for a number of other apps after upgrading to Catalina.


TIA ... John.

List of Master Sources using a particular Source Type

10 April 2020 - 02:12 AM

Is it possible to produce a report that lists the Master Sources that are based on a nominated Source Type?


TIA ... John.