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In Topic: Error when Merging

25 October 2015 - 04:51 PM

I use RM7 with latest updates and still get error 5 database is locked when trying to merge using the duplicate finder.  I have tried everything I have seen on these forums but nothing has helped.  Only way I can merge is manually which defeats the purpose of this software.  It is much easier and faster to manually merge in RM3, tried RM4 but program so slow on a large database and same goes for RM7.  Have gotten no help from RM support about this issue and can see from these forums that a fix is not forthcoming.

In Topic: Corrupt rmg file Help Please

12 September 2015 - 06:10 PM

I had the same problem before and was able to fix my database by creating a new database and then swapping out a few new files with some old ones until I got a set of files that Rootsmagic would opened.  I wish I knew what file was the file that made the database readable, as I have the same problem now.  I have had no luck swapping files this time.  Rootsmagic 7 will import the old RM3 file but won't finish processing it.  I can even see the names on the screen until I try to work in the database then it shuts down.  I will try looking at my files in Excell now that I know I can read them in that program.

In Topic: SQLite Error 5 -- Database is locked

08 September 2015 - 03:55 PM

I get this error all the time after cancelling the duplicate merge feature.  When you tried to merge the error message appears.  Rootsmagic is super slow!!  I haven't got any answers as to why the program operates at a crawl.  It takes several minutes just to open a database, then still has the little circle going around and around, don't know what it is loading?  I still use RootsMagic 3 because 4 was too slow and now I've bought 7 and its Super Slow also! HELP!  I need a better program than RootMagic that can handle large databases easily.  Also there is no saving the duplicate merge list like in Rootsmagic 3.  Bad move Rootsmagic.  Now everytime I want to merge I have to wait hours for it to sort entire database.  I am very dissapointed in the Merge Feature of this program.  If anyone knows of a better program please let me know.