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RM7 website

05 November 2019 - 05:49 PM

I, like others on this forum, have had trouble recently getting the RM website to work. It appears that Javascript is not working in my windows 7 environment. I have tried IE, Firefox, and Chrome following all their instructions on how to get Javascript to function - to no avail.


I want it to work on my Android tablet using firefox as the browser to take on research trips to look up data as needed. I have tried the RM website in my website development tool, Dreamweaver, and all the javascript works their just fine.


What am I doing wrong? While not a showstopper it would be nice if I can get this useful tool back.

Add editor to the description line for a fact

12 October 2019 - 05:50 PM

RM 7’s facts  currently can have a Date field, Place field, Place details, Description field, and Note field.


The description field is a single line in RM 7. Gedcom puts a limit of 90 characters on the field.


Currently I can put many hundreds of characters in the description field. It can be exported to GEDCOM and the description field is completely intact but it does not use the GEDCOM convention of splitting those lines with the CONC and CONT descriptors. RM 7 can reimport that GEDCOMN file with no loss of data. I also tried importing it into LegacyFamilyTree and saw the same results. All the data was transferred intact.


I would like to have RM implement an editor like the one used in the notes field so that we can easily edit the data in the description field when it gets longer than 90 characters. I would hope that this is a modular design so that RM could easily reuse the notes editor.


I believe that all the data for a fact should be contained in the fact so that I can place the contents of obituaries, census records, etc. into the fact while reserving the note for just that – a note. Many times I want to add some information such as my reasoning for arriving at a conclusion about this fact but would not want that included in reports. I would however want the contents of the obituary or census records included in reports.  Using the notes for two functions does not work very well for me as including notes is an all or nothing proposition. I could put some data into private information but would prefer not to have to do it that way.

Data Sharing

20 September 2019 - 04:35 PM

I'm not sure about the title but I have been approached to begin work on a genealogical tree (not mine). Some of the requirements from the requester are:


1. All data must be available to the requestor for viewing and eventual update. (not a concurrent collaboration question)

2. The requestor has not finally decided on the software to be eventually used.


My question is if we consider all the possibilities for sharing trees, not concurrently, which ones might work ok?

     Gedcom xfer,

     Ancestry Tree Share

     FamilyTree sharing.



Initially the new tree would be posted for the requestor viewing only.


If I start using RM7 and the requestor eventually chooses say LegacyFamilyTree what is the subset of items/events/facts in RM that I could use to create the database and not have data issues later when sharing with the requestor?

     An example would be the quality of the source. RM uses ESMs method, LegacyFamilyTree uses the old gedcom standard, as does Famliytreemaker. If we share/collaborate/update the same database will this type of data be corrupted?


Also I would rule out using any new fact types since other software packages will probably not know how to deal with them.


I guess my real question here is: is there anyway to share data across platforms without the potential loss or corruption of data?