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In Topic: Nice to have enhancements

18 April 2018 - 02:58 PM



thanks for the help with categories, I should have seen that.



In Topic: Life Capsule Editor

16 April 2018 - 09:07 AM

Thank you Renee.


Until the LifeCapsul editor is ready I have created a fact type in RM7 called lifecapsule that works in the interim. (limited use for a particular set of stories)


This is probably not your area but if I run into things that would be nice to have a fix for is there a place to put enhancements?

In Topic: Importing From Legacy

16 April 2018 - 09:03 AM



I have LegacyFamilyTree version 8. I tried importing my own genealogy and received the same error messages.  "No value given for one or more required parameters." and then the database was empty. I import directly from RM7 but I initially tried using a GEDCOM file which also worked. There are always differences between products when using GEDCOM so some data may be lost but you could try that and see if all your data imports correctly.



In Topic: How to track where data comes from in a narrative report

05 September 2017 - 08:55 AM

I tried the "find everywhere" to no avail. I tried searching using SQlite Expert to no avail.


I then decided to try rebuilding the index and clean phantoms. That seemed to work.


Mysterious message no longer appears.


Thanks everyone for your help.

In Topic: How to track where data comes from in a narrative report

04 September 2017 - 07:41 PM

It appears that this happens for only this person. I did a descendant narrative from 4 generations back and this was the only anomaly. The family group sheet looks just as it should. The individual summary also looks as it should. There is a misspelling in the sentence but all my facts do not show this sentence structure. Can I search all facts for a particular sentence wording or do I need to go to SQLite tools?