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Citation information for death certificates

08 January 2016 - 03:26 PM

I am cleaning up my TMG sources and I have run into some instances that either I don’t understand or just disagree with what I see in Rootsmagic.


I have 66 TMG source types after importing my data into Rootsmagic. All are duplicated so there are only 33 actual unique TMG types.


In TMG a Death certificate was fully defined in the source including name, data of death, place of death, etc. and it was stored in a repository.


If I go through the source lists in Rootsmagic and select one to convert to a Rootsmagic type I find that the data seems to be redundant between the source citation and the repository. (I am creating a new source with the Rootsmagic source type. Then I merge the TMG source into the newly created Rootsmagic source.) Also other information such as the DOD, POD, etc. are not stored or converted from the TMG type to the Rootsmagic type. I need to then go to the detail screen for the person(s) referencing that source and follow the chain of screens from the death event to citation and enter the appropriate data there. It seems like about 30 screens to get one source converted. I feel that I may be losing data because I may not go and edit every event the uses this converting citation.


Now if I want to use that source for another event for someone else, such as possibly placing a relative in a particular location , when I select the source the DOD, POD etc. are not visible and can only be found if I made the master source name like full name and DOD.  I have multiple people with the same name and can only differentiate by DOD or POD.

I think that for single unique documents such as a death certificate it is more logical to place that data right into the source and not tie it just to the death event of one person.


What is the correct approach in storing source data? I have talked with some who are putting in the data multiple times to account for the data being tied to the single event or some are using the free form source to do it. Others are putting in redundant data between the source citation and the repository.


Is there a correct answer? I also want to make sure all my data can be shared with other programs via gedcom.

How best to use fact note fields when sharing facts

05 December 2015 - 10:59 AM

I am a convertee from TMG and I am doing the unenviable task of converting data and procedures to Rootsmagic7. I am running into some issues that I don’t know how to handle correctly according to RM7.


In TMG for every fact I had a memo field that could hold up to 65,536 characters (database dependent) and a text field that could hold 255 characters. I made extensive use of the memo field because of its size. I can only find the fact note field in RM7 but that is not necessarily tied to an individual fact. A shared fact only appears to include the note field when printing the person originally assigned to the fact, the principal.  Example. I have a shared census field with five sharees. The census record was originally created under the head of household. I tried just printing out one child and the note is nowhere to be found. Also the Description field is 255 characters but I understand with gedcom only 240 are supported. Where can I put large amounts of data that will print per fact and not multiple times per report?


Do I need to discard the use of shared facts and in my census case put in five facts, one for each person in household, which will create a maintenance issue and the same data will be printed 5 times, once for each. This redundant print would also apply to a share note unless I get very creative with the contents of the note field and even then some info will still be redundant. It would be ideal if RM would look at the note and flag it if it has been printed and exclude subsequent prints. This way the fact note would print once and only once no matter who I select to print. There are a great many issues with any approach I take but has anyone come up with a best practices in how and where to record data in RM7?


In an attempt to address this I was curious if RM will ever allow for inserting field names into the note field. I also did this extensively in TMG which now I need to delete and reword many many facts.


P.S. RM is great as a research tool but I am trying to produce printable output for a book that can be repeated with minimal editing.

Fact migration

05 November 2015 - 05:50 PM

Is there a way to make new fact types or modify existing ones and migrate them to a new database within RM7? I have several databases for different families and I didn't want to reenter all the modifications.  It appears that new fact types do not show up in a new or old database other than the one it was originally created in.

RM7 toPH2 link

09 January 2015 - 01:18 PM

I am relatively new to Rootsmagic. I am converting my TMG data to RM7. I have found that RM7 has some drawbacks to the way I work with my genealogical data.


I want RM7 to be the repository for everything genealogical. I want RM7 to produce all output in a relatively user workable format. I have found that the printed output from RM7 has me looking for another way to produce my “printed” output. I am looking at Personal Historian for some of this.


I have imported from RM7 the data on one small family that is of particular interest to me. The data from RM7 came in flawlessly. As I made changes to the data in RM7 I could them reimport the data into Personal Historian, however the three options left some issues.


     Import no duplicate items – No effect with changed fact data in RM7 but new facts came in.

     Import update duplicate – no stories changed – Info brought over in notes was not updated.

     Import all duplicate items – I get all duplicate entries for everything I selected in the first import.




In Personal Historian can I see which fact items were imported from RM7 and which ones I added in PH2 or is this by category only?


Also what RM7 field populates the person field in PH2? The main person seems to be blank in this respect.


If I want to retain the ability to reimport updates from RM7 it seems reasonable that I would not want to edit any data that was sent from RM7 in PH2 but to make any changes in RM7 and then reimport the data. Is this the correct approach? I saw no ability to move data backwards from PH2 into RM7. However the notes from RM7 do not seem to update.


How do I incorporate a PH2 story into the output from RM7? I could assign as many blank pages as I need in RM7 output to accommodate the PH2 story. However I don't see how to set a page number in PH2 so I can incorporate back into RM7 output.


As a perspective, this particular person has about 50 typewritten pages in a word file outside of Rootsmagic. I also have at least three other individuals that are producing in excess of 100 pages of output.  I have the full version of RM7 but only the free version of PH2.


If these questions are answered elsewhere in the PH forum I apologize. When looking at the PH forum I see  a count of over 100 topics but only four show. If I search I see more or if I select a different sorting criteria I see four different topics. All other forums seem to be fine.