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In Topic: Best placement of media (pic) references

22 April 2015 - 10:02 AM

Thanks to everyone for the responses.  Apologies for not acknowledging your efforts in a timely manner.


So it's as it seemed: in RM, exposing/printing media is evolving.  I can live with that for now...  I presume this is a relatively high priority subject for future development, because the media will be the pizazz in the report that hooks non-genealogists (and gets them engaged, and rummaging through their attics, etc.).  To date, I've usually updated/requested updates to Find-A-Grave in parallel with updating my genealogy database, because I find that seeing at least some of the information and pics motivates folks, too.  F-A-G isn't very high tech, but it's easy to navigate, and it's got just enough content to get a person thinking about their peeps.


Generating a comprehensive report to pdf with all the scrapbooks included in some coherent manner would be awesome.

In Topic: Source Templates To Be Fixed

10 January 2015 - 12:01 PM

To say that punctuation should/must be included inside quotation marks is saying that the punctuation is a required part of the title/name/etc.  Since that is rare, I attribute the boneheadedness of such a practice to be just that - boneheaded.  It makes absolute zero sense - and I mean the kind of absolute zero like "absolute molecular STOP".  (<== Note the position of the previous period.)  We're talking zero degrees Kelvin.


[ OK, so I'm opinionated about data.  I'm a DBA, have been for 30 years.  Don't get me started on normal forms in database design... if you do, you'd better pack a lunch... ]

In Topic: BAck up to external hard drive

10 January 2015 - 11:45 AM

I'm a database administrator.  The best DBAs will tell you that when it comes to data, people only care about what they back up.


When that isn't true, (generally speaking) people who fail to back up important data fail to do that only once.  In my profession, it's rare that you get a second chance, of any kind.


Like others have said: no backup/disaster recovery plan is truly useful until you test it, and continue to test it over time.  You don't want to be figuring things out for the first time after you've experienced a loss of data.


For those that have "big data", I suggest you either buy or build a machine that does RAID.  I use RAID 1 (mirroring), and have for the past 10 years.  I've lost 3 drives in that time period, and never lost a single byte of data - nor did I ever have any downtime.  I just replace the drive, and ba-da-bing I'm back in business...


My strategy includes backups to external USB-attached drives, which go wherever (somewhere on the other side of the house, or out-of-house, depending).  I'm a bit too paranoid about turning over my data to a cloud-based company yet.