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Privacy options: Privatize recently deceased people

07 January 2016 - 08:26 AM

I would like to place a request for the following enhancement to be considered: 


  • At any point in the program where it is possible to Privatize living people, I would like also to have the option to Privatize recently deceased people. 


The purpose of this change would be to respect the privacy and sensitivity of the close family of recently-deceased people (e.g. the children of a recently-deceased parent; the living parents of a deceased child). 


  • I would also like to request that it be possible to set a threshold value, in years, for the period of time considered "recent". 


There are two areas of the program where I believe this enhancement should be available: 


(There may be other areas which I am not aware of.) 


1. In the GEDCOM export (File > Export). 


Mocked-up screenshot: 


2. In the My RootsMagic site options at http://sites.rootsma..._____/admin.php


Mocked-up screenshot: