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Sorting in Index

26 November 2014 - 06:22 PM

I'm sure this has come up numerous times in the past, but I'm new to this blog, so please, forgive me.


I'd hoped to see this rectified in v7, but nope! It's how names are sorted in the Index. Apparently, they're sorted as "Last name," then on the "first name," and finally on the middle initial, then the birth date.


Could you please give us the option of changing this default behavior to either include, or ignore the middle initial in the sort order? The problem is that any name with no middle initial automatically sorts before every name with a middle initial with the result that in a list of identical names, they're sorted by birth date until we begin getting those names that include a middle initial, and then the sorting by birth date goes totally out the window!


Taking the middle initial out of the sort algorithm would make people with identical names, either with, or without a middle initial, sort by their birth date.


Thank you!