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Renumbering Footnotes

20 September 2016 - 04:46 PM

I have been trying to output a narrative; my endnotes are a mess.  For some reason there is sometimes an empty carriage return (even in the RM version) and then a footnote number.  I am also getting ghost footnotes - footnotes that should not refer to the item they are linked to.  Checked my database, and it doesn't have the error in it.


I am hand fixing these items.  Now, I have some footnotes I have deleted but the footnote does not automatically renumber.  I have tried rtf to both Word 2016 (what I usually use) and Word 97-2003 because I was advised that worked better with rtf files. In normal files I have used before, footnotes automatically renumber (with Word).  Now they don't here.  is there any way I can renumber these footnotes?