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Death - Cause of Death / where to enter?

22 February 2015 - 12:01 PM

This topic may have been mentioned elsewhere, but I have been unable to locate it thus far.
One fact I have used extensively in Legacy is the Cause of Death.  Can anyone please explain the best way to incorporate this into RM?  What field should be used, description, notes, or a custom fact?
Is it also possible to show illness or medical conditions? 
I would like the cause of death and illness or medical conditions to appear on reports:  Family Group Sheet, and Narratives at least.
At this time I am not using this information to base a report on, but may wish to do so in the future.
I am fairly new to RM and in need of guidance.  Reading the "Getting the Most of out RM 6" and the Forum Group while experimenting with RM 7, before transferring my 11,000+ individual Legacy file into RM.  I like what I find so far in RM.  Reason for the change from Legacy to RM was the option to run the program on my Mac through MacBridge.  
Thank you,