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"add the people in this tree to ancestry's index" option in 7.5

30 June 2017 - 05:50 PM

Just upgraded to RM 7.5 to create a private tree as a backup on Ancestry.  Afterwards I watched the 36 minute video on 7.5 to see if I should have checked "Add the people in this tree to Ancestry's index" and the vid didn't say anything of significance about this option.  I want to keep the tree private, but I would also like people (especially DNA cousins) to be able to find me, and feel this "Add" option might be beneficial.


So questions:  What exactly happens if I check this box? Can I even check it if I keep tree private? I have uploaded my RM tree - would I have to do it again to include these people in the index?  I have done several searches using the words in this option and nothing relevant shows up.



Keeping track of families researched

29 June 2017 - 04:08 PM

Hi - this might be a basic question for some.  I always just researched my direct lines until I started doing autosomal DNA testing 6 or 7 yrs ago. Then I found all my first and second cousins (to the extent possible), and traced all descendants from 3rd greats down on my specific surname; This was a tedious, but worthwhile, process. Three+ years ago I made this note in my TO-DO and made a note of each family as compledted: "First make sure that as many 3rd and 2nd cousins from each line have been found as is possible, by tracing down from all 2x great grandparents. Then proceed to 3 great grandparents to see if any lines missed."


When you get to tracing descendants of 3rd greats, it is easy to get confused as to which families have been done and which ones you have skipped for one reason or another.  I would really like an easy way to see this from the family view (pedigree view would be even better), and I am thinking of color coding. I can't find a way to do something like "search or print a list of individuals with no descendants".


Here is an example of my problem: say I am working on a set of 3rd greats' kids; I click on their Family view and see I have all the kids listed; 3 of 5 have red arrows which means I have assigned them a spouse and possibly a family of their own; does a lack of the red arrow mean I haven't looked for a marriage/family, or that they had none? (I solved this partially by creating a No Kids tag so one more click will tell me; initially I had given each of these a Nick Name of "no kids" which even saved a click).


I am looking at the simplest, most efficient way to do this and appreciate any ideas. I was thinking I could make a To-Do list that had all 3rd greats and making notes, but this would require being a little more organized than I usually am.