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Source Quality

08 December 2015 - 06:19 PM

RM set all my source qualities to:
don't know  Primary  don't know
and it marked most of the fact/tags Primary - even the Note facts/tags, and the Birth tags that only contain a sort date
I don't have always have a Primary source for BMDBu, and hardly ever for Notes.  In TMG birth order was established by the sort birth date.  (When I didn't have a birth date, I used the sort date on the birth tag.)  RM marked these sort date tags as primary when they don't contain an actual date, place or source citation.  I think I mentioned this problem in a previous post.  I asked if there could be a default Quality attached to the Source in the Source List?  One that could override what is shown in the individual fact/tags?  Maybe a choice - do you want to override existing qualities or not?  (If not, only new tags would start out with the quality setting chosen in the Source List.)  With 20,000 people in a file and an average 3 fact/tags per person - again the math is daunting. . . Maybe this is already on the list?

Duplicate Sources & Source Templates

08 December 2015 - 06:14 PM

For some reason I am getting a massive amount of duplicate sources and duplicate source templates, especially in my File#5 that is a combination of Files#3 & 4.  One of my most used sources has 380 duplicates in the File#5.  It would take me hours to Merge just that one source.  Auto-Merge is the only available Merge in Source Templates and it didn't do anything, so the duplicates are just sitting there.  Could you provide a faster way to merge duplicate sources?  Could you stop RM from making duplicate sources?  (It seems like the more I use a source, the more duplicates are made, especially when Drag and Drop is used.)  The same for duplicate Source Templates? 

Media Location or Re-Location

08 December 2015 - 06:11 PM

In TMG a specific file location (a file folder) is assigned for media for each file.  RM doesn't do this.  When I share my file with family members, none of the media is available.  The only way to make it available is reconnect each individual picture.  I have one file that has over 2600 pieces of media.  Could you design an app or something that would help reattach media when a file is moved to another computer?  Give the address of the file folder for each file, so RM automatically looks for that file name in that specific folder for all the media in that file and automatically attaches, or re-attaches the media?

More Migration from TMG woes - Unknown Spouse proliferation, Divorces

08 December 2015 - 06:08 PM

I have a good number of people where one of the spouses is unknown (usually the wife).  When I imported (from TMG) a separate Unknown Spouse was assigned to each of the children.  For instance, in TMG I had John Smith with 1 unknown wife and 5 children.  In RM I have John Smith with 5 Unknown wives, each with 1 child.  I haven't found a way to search for this problem, so I can only fix it when I happen to run into it.  (I have also started going down the RM Explorer one person at a time looking for the problem.)  I have 5 data files, 2 with over 20,000 people in them.  The math is boggling, and I'm trying not to think about the time it's going to take to fix.  I don't know if anything can be done to fix this conversion problem, but it sure did cause a mess.
I just recently realized that none of my Divorces transferred over to RM.  I'm going to have to run a Search in TMG for all the Divorces and put them back in to my files. :wacko:

Drag and Drop - some problems and improvements

08 December 2015 - 06:00 PM

First, let me say I'm very grateful for Drag and Drop!  I have two files that have a lot of the same people.  My maternal grandmother and maternal grandfather's lines run into the royal lines and they cross-over a lot.  I've made a third file that combines my maternal grandparents so we can see how they weave in and out of each other.  It's fascinating and I wasn't able to do it in TMG.  So I am very grateful for Drag and Drop!  
There are some problems with Drag and Drop.  I don't know if there's anything that can be done to fix them, but fixing them would sure make Drag and Drop more productive and easier to use.
Sometimes it makes duplicate:
  • facts/tags
  • people that don't show up on Duplicate Merge Search
  • spouses that don't show up on Duplicate Merge Search
Drag and Drop an individual - with Merging the person:
  • doesn't clean duplicate sources (even though it says it is), sometimes it multiplies them 
    (Copying an existing person in File A with source X & Y to an existing person in File B with source X:
    In File B there are usually two copies of source X and one Y, but sometimes there will be three or even four copies of source X, even though all source Xs are absolutely identical in both Files A & B)
Drag and Drop multiple generations (ancestors and 1 generation of descendants):
  • in patches it makes duplicates for a generation or two that don't show up on Duplicate Merge Search
  • sometimes it copies the siblings of the ancestor and sometimes it doesn't
    I've had very uneven results when copying over multiple generations.  I've found huge branches that weren't tranferred over and I can see no explanation as to why.  Sometimes the copy works and sometimes it doesn't.
Drag and Drop could be improved by adding:
  • drag and drop a couple - a person and their spouse - so the marriage tags are included
  • and/or if the "select people from a list" worked

(I try not Drag and Drop a generation or more at a time because then the other problems listed above are more likely to occur.  So I've been using Drag and Drop one person at a time, and the Marriage information doesn't drag over.)