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Question regarding citing frequently used sources

08 October 2014 - 08:28 AM

Hello all.


I have watched the webinar on sources and citations, and I'm still a little foggy on one thing. I have sources that I use a lot and would like to reuse for a number of facts. I want to do this correctly, as I'm studying to become certified and I want to be in the habit of doing things tip-top. It's worth noting that I'm a RootsMagic newbie, having come over from other genealogy software.


For example, take the 1940 US Census. Say that I have a family in Somerville Plantation, Lincoln Co., Maine. My source is a census image downloaded from Ancestry. So I use the Census, U.S. Federal (online images) template to create a source for this.


In the Master Source section, in the box labeled Jurisdiction, can I put simply "United States" or "U.S.", then reuse that source for every family I find on the 1940 census, changing only the source details? Or would it be more correct to put "Somerville Plantation, Lincoln Co., Maine, United States" in the Jurisdiction box and have to create a new source from that template every time I find a family on that census year? Since I probably will not have another family in Somerville, it seems like a lot of duplicated effort.


If I leave that box blank, RM (correctly) generates a citation with an empty field separated with commas, which hardly seems right as far as proper citation standards go. I'm not a wizard with Evidence Explained yet, so I'm not sure which choice is the most correct standards-wise. I'm sure this issue extends to other types of sources that I would like to reuse and would like to be correct.


If I have not been completely clear, I apologize. I searched the forums and can't find a thread that really answers my question.


Thank you all so much,