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In Topic: Fact sentence template and field options...

19 March 2019 - 09:42 PM

Hi all,


I have a custom fact template called "Death-GRO" that starts with the sentence "[person]'s death was registered".


Let's, for example, use the name John Smith.


Sometimes, in Reports I get "John Smith's death was registered" and other times I get "He's death was registered"


Obviously I don't want the second option. I thought, if there was some variation, I would get "His" not "He's".


Any ideas what is causing this unwanted variation in a sentence that appears in a RM report?

In Topic: Shared Facts in Ancestry Sync

18 February 2019 - 06:21 PM

Hi all,


I run my primary research on RM and sync to Ancestry and suffer from the same problem as everyone else. Quite separately I export my RM data to GEDCOM and create my own website using GEDSITE. GEDSITE converts the shared facts and they display perfectly on the website. As Tom points out within his utilities page, there are are small number of genealogical programs that either preserve shared facts or convert them,


If they can do kit why can't RM/Ancestry do it to?


I think our collective focus should be on getting a RM/Ancestry solution rather than workaround that might or might not work.



Wayne Thurley

In Topic: One wish wishlist

16 February 2019 - 04:57 PM

To answer the post regarding advantages of having your data online I can say they are are significant. You get your data out to millions of people. Genealogy is supposed to leave a legacy for others. With data online you give immediate exposure of your data for others to view as well as them providing you with additional data. Online data also opens up the possibility of collaboration with others. Online data allows you to work on your tree on any device and anywhere you might be at the time. I hope this helps with explaining the gather advantages of online data.

Also a number of people have commented that they fell safer with their data on their own computer rather than online. If you are connected to the internet you are just another computer on the internet like the online web server that you fear. In fact you are probably more vulnerable (but admittedly less visible) on your home computer.

I hope this post clarifies things.

Way me Thurley

In Topic: One wish wishlist

15 February 2019 - 08:25 PM

Hi everyone,


The subject that I raised about everything online seems to have generated plenty of discussion about security, lack of universal internet access as well as a belief that an online RM could not possibly provide the same level of functionality.


Regarding internet security I hope that those that question the integrity of internet security do not have bank accounts that can be accessed online or do bill paying transactions online, or join up for any genealogical pay sites or any other sites that keep your profile and credit card details online. I just hope you did not pay for RM online.


One would also question the motives of hackers to want to infiltrate genealogical sites when there are more lucrative targets in cyberspace. WHY WOULD THEY BOTHER!!!


Very strong and effective tools can be used to encrypt data flow between a client (you) and a website as well as tools that only allow certain computers that you nominate to access your data. There are proven notification methods to let you know when a computer you have not nominated tries to access your online account. I am really only touching the surface on what tools can be employed to safely protect your data. Sites can even be certified by an independent body that they are using the best possible tools to protect your data.


On the subject of internet access, in Australia, we almost have (with a few notable exceptions) universal access to internet either by broadband or wifi. I know all the major countries around the world a moving very quickly to provide universal  internet access.


On the last topic of functionality, I would not even suggest a complete online solution until full equivalent functionality was available online.


I know what I am saying is not popular but it is the way things are moving. We have to, at least, have the discussion.


Please, please treat me gently!!




Wayne Thurley