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In Topic: Duplication on wall chart of second cousins marrying

19 April 2018 - 04:47 AM

Your assumption is correct and I'm not really sure why you are surprised by this diagrammatic outcome, as the program is simply doing its best to display a situation where there are multiple family relationships between two or more people.


Every family history program I've used, by default, displays complex/multiple family relationships in a very similar way, although some have introduced methods for users to choose to hide any duplication from view in charts/diagrams.  Obviously what is hidden has to be down to the user , as it would be wrong for the software to automatically choose which of the relationships is most 'important' to display, which could change according to what the user wants to see displayed at a particular time.  I presume that is what Renee is referring to as a possible future development "on the enhancement request list".


Charts/Diagrams can, of course, become far more complex as Trees grow in size, especially for people who's families have lived in relatively small communities for several generations. Then there's the oldie often quoted as an example of more complex relationships: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27m_My_Own_Grandpa -Try creating that situation in a Test database and have a look at the Chart if you're ever bored.



In Topic: Gedcom problem?

18 April 2018 - 02:40 AM

The most likely explanation is that you have probably used the Color Coding feature in RootsMagic to identify/highlight a 'group' or 'groups' of people and that then adds the custom GEDCOM Tag to each individual in the group(s).


Try unticking "Extra details (RM specific)" on the GEDCOM export screen to see if that removes all the Color Tags.



In Topic: Changing file Roots is saved in

13 April 2018 - 04:03 AM

Did you actually select/save the new folder you created as the default location for backups to be saved into after you created it?

In Topic: RM 7.5.5 for Mac

18 February 2018 - 05:40 AM

To get 'Hints' from Ancestry, your RootsMagic Tree has to be linked to an online Ancestry Tree.  It's a restriction in the interface (API) supplied by Ancestry.


To get started, have a look at the 'Using TreeShare for Ancestry' Guide. See Link at the bottom of this Page: http://rootsmagic.com/guides/

In Topic: Memorized Sources not transferring to Ancestry thru Tree Share

28 January 2018 - 09:40 AM

Yes, this is very messy - Sorry, but the description "Dog's Breakfast" comes to mind!


From my use of TreeShare I find that any citation copied and pasted within RootsMagic, regardless of its origin, is returned to Ancestry Tree as an external source, but NEVER as a 'link' to an already existing Source/Citation held on Ancestry Tree, if I attempt to upload/'synchronise' local changes via TreeShare. it appears to me that the result of copying and pasting a Citation in RM simply creates a duplicate (completely separate) Citation rather than providing a linking/shared Citation to the same Source.  That is evidenced by the fact that editing one of those RootsMagic Citation copiess has no impact whatsoever on any of the other copies of that Citation.


In contrast, FTM has some alternatives; i.e. a Citation can be copied/pasted exactly as in RootsMagic, providing separate/duplicate Citations as in Rootsmagic; or, alternatively it can be copied to another Person or Fact/Event as a 'direct link' to the same Citation, in which case editing any of the linked Citations will impacts on all of the linked copies of that Citation.


For me the only successful work around has been to directly edit/copy Citations within Ancestry Tree to achieve 'correct' synchronisation with the data recorded in RootsMagic; and also to avoid adding ghost/duplicated local Citations and Media records in Ancestry Tree.


This seems similar to the impact of synchronising Census Records separately to several individuals recorded in that same Household or on the same Census Page; i.e. Duplicate copies of the Source Records and Media are downloaded.  I tend to synchronise only one Census entry for a Census Page via TreeShare and then copy the shared Facts/Events (and also Copy/Paste the Citation) to the other members of the same Household, which achieves the desired synchronised events without having to delete duplicate media and then 'correct' all of the duplicated Sources/Citations created by TreeShare.  This still leaves some issues with Census records that don't record Household relationships, such as the 1841 UK (England & Wales) Census (and presumably the earlier US Censuses) as Ancestry/Ancestry Tree uses individual Citations for each individual on those Census Pages, i.e. the Page & Line Number is recorded for each Individual in their Citation. However, it's pretty straightforward to edit the individual Line Number, once you realise that that's why the Media Record shows up as not matching in TreeShare.


It's a pain to get right, but having spent hours/weeks/months in Records Offices since the early 1990s manually searching for that elusive piece of information 'sans' indexes, perhaps I'm a little more accepting of the fact that 'real' Family History research isn't just about gaining the instant gratification that Ancestry.com's advertising would have us believe.