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In Topic: macOS Mojave and RM7

14 September 2018 - 05:08 AM

Not sure why there are so many concerns about a piece of software not working correctly with MacOS Mojave! It's a BETA product that has already passed through 14 iterations and isn't yet the final release version, so why would anyone expect (all) 3rd-Party software to work on it without any issues.


In my experience with MacOS for more than 10 years (and Microsoft for more than 30 years), every OS upgrade has necessitated a significant number of upgrades to software applications; and that includes Microsoft Office and all Apple application software, immediately after the OS update is released.  3rd-Party software developers need to understand what issues are likely to arise with each major new OS release, but very rarely release updates which attempt to keep pace with Beta changes simply because it's a constantly moving target until all changes are finalised. Lost count of the number of times Apple (and Microsoft) have trialled changes in Beta-OS versions only to change/adapt their original idea, or even drop/postpone significant changes entirely in a 'final' release version.


As others have mentioned its far better for the RootsMagic developers to expend there efforts on completing RootsMagic 8 than investing any serious amount of time investigating glitches experienced with running a non-native MacOS application through a 3rd-Party (which itself relies on another 3rd party piece of software - WINE) on a BETA OS.  

In Topic: VirtualBox fixes the RM for MAC issues

12 September 2018 - 05:33 AM

You need to install the VirtualBox "Guest Additions" to use Shared Folders.  See Section 4 of the VirtualBox User Manual.  Section 4.3 deals specifically with the subject of Shared Folders.

In Topic: same sex couples

22 July 2018 - 02:52 AM



I'm sorry but I do not follow your logic when it comes to child bearing.


 - The mere fact that someone was resident in a Convent does not render them incapable of having children or mean that they were celibate Nuns.

 - It does not mean that they were never previously married (in the earthly sense), or that they didn't have a physical relationship that produced children prior to entering a Covent, or indeed after becoming resident in a Convent.


There are historical; and modern day, examples of women entering convents after widowhood or some other significant life event for example, e.g. the birth of an illegitimate child, and also of Convent 'residents' who were not Nuns or training to be so, e.g. expectant single mothers.  Similarly, there are documented cases of women leaving convents, marrying and having families.


I would accept that the nature of the religious calling leads to some probability that the majority of Nuns have not borne children, but that is a conclusion (assumption?) rather than a proven Fact.


Should one leap to the same conclusion about a Catholic Priest, i.e. that he had never had children, or another life, or that all Priests, Nuns etc. of whatever religion were invariably 'good' people?  Both history and current news suggests very differently.


As far as Civil Unions, Marriages etc. are viewed/reported I would add that most Family History software is sold worldwide and programmers therefore need to be sensitive to a worldwide audience and not just the USA perspective.  Legislation and acceptance of same sex marriage does vary greatly across the world; and as I understand it even between different States within the USA. However, it should not be too complex to enable the current Marriage Fact and supporting sentence construction to allow for same sex marriages. The issue that then remains is whether a 'newly' defined fact is needed to record other forms of union such as a Civil Partnership (which may in some countries apply to both same sex and heterosexual couples) or whatever term is recognised in different countries; or whether such variants can be added as options to the standard Marriage event with an appropriate sentence construct, which should make it easier to assure the transferability of such facts between software products using the existing GEDCOM standard.

In Topic: macOS Mojave and RM7

17 July 2018 - 05:17 AM

I believe the 32-bit software warning does not refer to the RootsMagic Software (MacOS has no direct understanding of the format of native Windows software), but to the version of Crossover being used to create the app which was/is probably 32-bit as Crossover hadn't completed the transition of is software to 64-bit on MacOS the last time I checked.  


If Crossover/WINE couldn't enable native 32-bit Windows apps to run on 64-bit MacOS/Linux then the software would be dead in the water, and there's no sign of them giving up on that market.  That said, a native RootsMagic for Mac would be very welcome!

In Topic: Duplication on wall chart of second cousins marrying

19 April 2018 - 04:47 AM

Your assumption is correct and I'm not really sure why you are surprised by this diagrammatic outcome, as the program is simply doing its best to display a situation where there are multiple family relationships between two or more people.


Every family history program I've used, by default, displays complex/multiple family relationships in a very similar way, although some have introduced methods for users to choose to hide any duplication from view in charts/diagrams.  Obviously what is hidden has to be down to the user , as it would be wrong for the software to automatically choose which of the relationships is most 'important' to display, which could change according to what the user wants to see displayed at a particular time.  I presume that is what Renee is referring to as a possible future development "on the enhancement request list".


Charts/Diagrams can, of course, become far more complex as Trees grow in size, especially for people who's families have lived in relatively small communities for several generations. Then there's the oldie often quoted as an example of more complex relationships: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I%27m_My_Own_Grandpa -Try creating that situation in a Test database and have a look at the Chart if you're ever bored.