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In Topic: GEDCOM 7.0 Support

27 February 2021 - 08:51 AM

The GEDCOM 7.0 rc1 (release candidate 1) has already been withdrawn by the LDS and all links to documentation as well as the RootsTech presentations have been deleted.  Supposedly because it needs more work, but perhaps also because of accusations of plagiarism (i.e. failure to accredit the substantial work already done and published by others) - https://twitter.com/TamuraJones/status/1364025371981729792 


Or perhaps there's something much deeper, considering that they've' continually refused/neglected to become involved in any previous initiatives aimed at reviewing/updating 'traditional' GEDCOM and have in fact consistently stated that, not being a software development house, their interests had moved on, being entirely focused on what was previously called 'New FamilySearch'.

In Topic: RM8

25 November 2020 - 08:47 AM

Sorry Rooty, but if you think Apple is going to risk abandoning all of the conservative business customers that it relies on for future revenue, but who are unlikely to move en masse to a completely new platform before it is fully tested and is proven to be capable of running their essential software, then you must be living in cloud cuckoo land. If Microsoft is struggling to get x86/x64 software to run on Qualcomm Arm Processors, which it is, then why should anyone think Apple, which has already forced developers and users to completely abandon 32-bit software, will fare any better.  Also, no-one seems to have yet questioned whether Intel and AMD are simply going to roll over and let Apple and Qualcomm take over the CPU market without a fight.  Why did Apple move to Intel in the first place? - Answer: Because it was increasingly becoming an irrelevance in the market by ploughing its own distinct furrow.


As far as my prudence is concerned, I already use multiple operating systems quite happily and securely; and have set up fully functional Linux Systems on Apple hardware which can run the Windows software I still need at native speed with no problem. I can also legitimately run Windows and MacOS Virtual Machines on that platform if and when the need arises. As far as Apple software goes I don't (and won't) use any branded software that doesn't have a native compatible version on Linux and/or Windows, so I have ensured that I am not locked in to any self-enforced loyalty to Apple/Apple software.

In Topic: RM7 does not work with Mac OS Big Sur

14 November 2020 - 05:35 AM

Big Sur!  Personally I won't be rushing to run this Windows 8 Clone (Tablet Operating System with no Touch Screen) on my Macs any time soon.

In Topic: Best Media format for Rootsmagic 7 (and 8)?

06 October 2020 - 06:47 AM

.PGN files (not .PNG) is not intended as  a general graphics format. It is, very closely aligned to .TIFF so would actually more accurately be described as a 'text' format. PGN stands for Portable Games Notation and is a format specifically used for saving in game images of interactive Chess programs.  I am not personally aware of any more general purpose use for the format.


It's hardly surprising that Apple's 'Preview', a general document reader, can display PGN 'images' as Apple has long distributed an interactive Chess programme as part of its standard OS Installations. And, guess what, that software can save .PGN game image files, so it would be perverse if users couldn't display them natively. Windows, however, needs the help of additional software to display PGN Files as graphic images. PGN files of saved Chess Games can also be opened in text editors such as Windows Wordpad, and will then display the game in standard chess notation form or, of course, the files can be opened in many other chess programs ('Google' for more info. if that way inclined).


Personally, I see little value in using such a distinctly focussed beast as a general graphics file format and can't see much possibility of any genealogy software developer supporting formats not generally output by camera/scanner software etc. or by the main online data providers.

In Topic: RM8

23 June 2020 - 11:37 AM

Can't imagine that small scale apple developers who rely on home software purchasers for an income will be queuing to buy first release new apple hardware that can't also run existing x86 software. They are already becoming thoroughly disenchanted with the Apple dictatorship, which is increasingly imposing new restrictions and requirements with every OS release.  As a long-term user I'm also getting increasingly disenchanted by a company that cannot get its existing OS version right, evidenced by the fact that after 6 months we are already up to MacOS 10.15.6, with monthly updates and supplementary updates averaging well in excess of 3Gb downloads per month.


Nor can I see the majority of Mac users rushing to purchase new hardware that may not be compatible with existing peripherals and software and which is incapable of dual booting or virtualising x86 Operating systems which would eliminate the capability advantage of current hardware.


Personally, each Mac that I have purchased has lasted at least 10 years, so why on earth would I want to rush to purchase a new hardware platform.  I purchase the hardware because of proven long-term durability and performance, i.e I still have access to fully functional MacBook Pros from 2011, 2013 and 2019 so I'm now good until at least 2025 and I'm confident that the Office and Family History applications I'm likely to use, including RootsMagic 8 (and possibly 9), plus others I regularly use will still function well on them.  If Apple wishes to commit business suicide before then there will always be suitable alternatives.