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Help: RM Will Only Rearrange 1/2 of My Media

22 September 2014 - 11:46 AM

Hi, I am trying to rearrange the media so I can print a scrapbook report (love this feature, by the way).  Here's the problem, when I go to the media album and select "All Media" from the drop down list, I can see 40 pictures, for this particular person, but when I click on tools and then rearrange media, the list it brings up only includes 22 of the 40 pictures for me to sort.  Can anyone think of any reason this would be and what I could do to fix it?


Or is this a bug that I need to report in the issues section?


18 September 2014 - 12:15 PM

I love this program and all that it does.  It's reliable and dependable and I really want it to be my go to database, but I can't get past the aesthetics of the reports!  


It doesn't matter which fonts I use, they are still ugly.  The Family Group Sheet, especially.  There needs to be some bold lines to differentiate section and some space to create some room for the eye to move around. The text needs align on the top or the bottom and not fill the cells completely. The reports feel crowded, jumbled and messy right now when they print out.  I would never want to include any of these reports in a book. Lines and text everywhere lacking a smooth, professional feel.  


Please work on the design now that you have such a great product full of great features!!