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In Topic: Can I delete facts globally?

09 September 2014 - 01:25 PM

Thanks to all who responded.  I will try to answer in one message.


I did not add these facts to RM.  I assume that they got in there as a result of the GEDCOM importation of my database from my previous software, during which I made no specific choices of which items to add, nor was I offered any alternatives.


I went to Lists>Fact Types, selected Current Marital Status and Delete.  It seemed to work, although I haven't tested it yet by adding a new person.


Next, I selected Description and Delete.  I got a pop-up window which stated "Built-in fact type can't be deleted."  It seems odd to me that Description would be a fact which I am forced to either use or delete person by person, as I would think that it is rarely used by anyone, at least from the standpoint of entering a physical description of a person -- something that is usually unavailable for 90+% of our ancestors.  Perhaps I don't understand what else it could be used for.  At any rate, I then selected Description and Edit.  I found the checkboxes which I can deselect to prevent this fact from being included in various outputs.  So, I have found a solution to my main problem.


Thanks again for your suggestions.