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Size of media images on web site

05 February 2015 - 04:49 PM

I have two pictures as media attached to two different events for a person.  The two pictures are almost exactly the same size when I look at the files.  One is 453x564 pixels and the other is 457x564 pixels.  However, when I create a web site and look at them there, one is fairly large as I would expect and the other is just a tiny tiny image.  What could be the reason for the difference?

Enhancements to Publish Online

04 October 2014 - 04:38 PM

I would like to suggest several possible enhancements to the Publish Online function in Rootsmagic:

  1. Ability to display 'Detail Text' from source citations.  When you click on the 'certificate' icon a popup window shows the citation.  I would like a button on that popup window that would show the information in the 'Detail Text' for that source which is frequently a transcription of the source'
  2. Way to enlarge or scroll through images.  When you click on the 'camera' icon the relevant media is displayed.  However, with documents (census, will, etc.) it is almost impossible to read the small pieces of information.  It would be nice if it could be enlarged as is done in the program itself.  Alternatively, the image could be displayed much larger from the start and the user could scroll through the page.
  3. Ability to tag individual people in group photograph.  In the Second Site program that is used to create web sites for TMG it is possible to specify multiple rectangular areas in a map of the photograph.  Then when the user puts the mouse over an area, the name of the person can be displayed, or upon a 'click' the page for that individual will be displayed.


I like the Publish Online feature and believe changes like these would make it more useful.  Anyone else feel the same?

Karl Konnerth

Person not appearing in list

19 September 2014 - 04:28 PM

I added a new individual in my file.  I then added a marriage event for him.  A popup window asked if I needed to add a new spouse and I said yes.  It then asked whether I wanted to pick the person from the list or add a new person, which I then did.  However, that person does not show up in the list of people on the left of the screen.  However, if I do a 'search everywhere' for the name of the person, she is found.  How do I get her to appear in the people list?

Thanks.    Karl Konnerth

Modifying one master source changes another

02 September 2014 - 03:53 PM

What does RootsMagic use to decide two master sources are the same?  I created a source for a US 1910 census for one person.  Then I created one for another person (different census page).  If I create a narative report, the correct Source Details information appears for each person.  However, if I modify the Master Source information (year and type, jurisdiction, etc.) in the source for one person, it also changes in the record for the other person.  How does it decide the two are the same one?  Am I explaining this clearly?  In the report endnotes, the full footnote appears for the first person and the short footnote for the second so the program certainly thinks the two are the same.  However, the correct Source Details appear in each.