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Cemetery List Printout

05 June 2018 - 05:35 PM

How does one print a list of everyone buried in a certain cemetery, where the cemetery name is displayed in Place Details for a given location?  Reason, a road trip to photo all listed grave markers at that cemetery.

Place List Freezes RM7

03 May 2018 - 07:15 PM

RootsMagic Backup is more essential than you would believe.  I thought I was, with daily copies to my wife's desktop, a copy to my travel laptop and weekly copies to an external HD.
When you backup, it's essential you include the date, and yes this will lead to a lot of backups.  I tell you this because I had purged a lot of older backups prior to 25 Oct 2017.  In Jan 2018  I clicked on a location in the "Place List" only to have RM FREEZE.  Actually two locations in the place list were causing RM to freeze.  The Backups back to 25 Oct 2017 were all faulty.  Soon thereafter 24 Jan 2018 I contacted RM Support, and over the next few weeks, they confirmed the problem with a copy of my data that was uploaded; but offered no solution to how to correct things.  The problem was also brought up at the weekly tech support meeting, but nothing came from that to aid me.
On my own, I tried to export a Gedcom, then open it, but the fault is carried by the Gedcom.  I then went into every individual's edit screen who had a Bad Place Location and changed each one to a new format of that location and those would open in the Place List at first, but later froze up, and now my Unused Places freeze's RM.  An awful lot of work, with little gain.  On an old external HD, I did find a good backup from 25 Oct 2016, One year prior to the backups on my computer, but 15 months older than where I would like to be working.  My missing headcount is up over 2000 people, let alone all of the changes and additions to the other 18000 people.
I again tried to jog something out of Tech Support, who suggested I use the Compare Files Tool. I've tried but it is a nightmare; only copies one person over at a time and does not link them into their family.
The most recent problem that I found, is that in the older file of 25 Oct 2016, one of the problem locations is opening in 6 to 7 seconds, where others open in less than one second.
I found an older backup of 31 May 2015 with less than 17000 people, and the problematic place took 6 seconds to open, so the problem I am experiencing goes back years.