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In Topic: Census Tags and GEDCOM

05 August 2014 - 01:53 PM

Thanks for all your input.


TomH.  I probably wasn't clear.  I wrote the new fact type in RM6.


I made a test database of about 5 names and entered the census information for each, using that US Census fact I added ([Person:Given:Surname] ([Desc]) was enumerated in the [date:year] US Census, [date], at [place:plain].).


I just exported the info from RM6 to a GEDCOM.  I imported that GEDCOM into Legacy, and PAF.  Everything about the Census was imported.  Date, Place, and the description (1, single, grandson of head of household JISwartz).  Everything was there. 


BTW, When RM6 did import the Census data from Ancestry.com and put it in a Residence fact, you can tell it's data by checking the source.  It states that the source is the 1940 (or whatever) Census.  


Once again,


In Topic: Census Tags and GEDCOM

03 August 2014 - 04:11 PM

I uploaded a GEDCOM from TMG to Ancestry.com, just so that I could make it available to others and see what info Ancestry offer me via leaves. Ancestry is not my main database.  TMG has been that, but since it will no longer be updated, I figure now is the time to transfer it to another program and also edit the data in such a way that it will export as completely and accurately as possible.


I think I may have an answer, though it isn't perfect.


I have created a new Fact Type: Census (US).  It's a personal fact.  It has only a principal role, and the RM sentence is "[Person:Given:Surname] ([Desc]) was enumerated in the [date:year] US Census, [date], at [place:plain]."


I use Options and change the Residence fact to the Census (US). I then edit the Description field, eg, "Marital Status: SingleRelation to Head of House: Son"  becomes

single, son.  I am toying of adding the name of the head of household to this description, and thus is would be: single, son of John Jones.


Some entries include Age: 12; in those cases, I'd edit out age: and leave only the number, followed by a comma.


Thus, Michael Edward Jones (single, son of John Jones) was enumerated in the 1940 US Census, 1 Apr 1940, at Seattle, King Co, WA, USA.


I think all that would be exported.