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10 July 2018 - 03:02 PM

First off Ancestry said it was just a glitch in the system,I like the the way people blaim Mr Glitch for the problem. I wonder where I can meet Mr Glitch.

So they said just upload my file again to clear the Glitch. So after many hours of uploading I did this and found that the new upload was the same.

The only way it could be corrected would be to go into each of the 130,000 prople in my tree and correct each set of places in Life Story...what a job that would be. As Ancestry do not appear to have the need to fix their problem, Life Story is a useless part of the system. .My thoughts of Ancestry from over the years have not changed.


Ancestry last reply to my e mails.....


"Thank you for replying to our last message.

We are sorry you are still experiencing issues. The Life Story feature draws the location information, to load in the map, directly from facts and events for the tree members' life. If you do not list, city, state, and country, or add more information, under the location for any facts, or events, then the feature will not plot correctly. Correcting the location information should resolve this issue for you".

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08 July 2018 - 10:43 PM

Au contraire, there should be commas. But I am mystified. What does the Facts screen show for the event's Place on Ancestry?

Tom the facts are the same in my file as in Ancestry, the problems are throughout the Ancestry file in the "Life Story" area.

This is at the top of the "life story"

When Colin James Larter was born on 22 June 1944 in Kennedy, California, USA, his father, Colin, was 24 and his mother, Marjorie, was 23. He married Lenore Isabel Meredith on 8 October 1966 in Roman, Vratsa, Bulgaria.


So in the facts Colin James Larter was born in Kennedy Hospital, Bowen, Queensland, Australia


So you can see that the Kennedy Hospital in Bowen Queensland becomes Kennedy California USA???????


In the facts marriage was at     Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church, Roblane Street, and 18 Bonython St, Windsor


then this was changed in "Life Story" in Ancestry to         Roman, Vratsa, Bulgaria.????????


How does this happen throughout the Ancestry "Life story Area" for each person ???????/

In Topic: Ancestry upload

08 July 2018 - 05:33 PM


You didn't use any punctuation in the example. Should there be a city and state between Hospital and Australia?

So you think there should be no commas.This is how I have setup my whole file with details

in the place line I have                        Whitsunday Regional Council, Queensland, Australia

in the place details I have                   Kennedy Hospital, Bowen Street, Bowen


In life story In Ancestry it is saying in Kennedy, California, USA

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29 April 2018 - 06:01 AM

The info you seek has been posted for a long time, right at the top of the forums.




But he asked about the current update

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01 March 2018 - 06:04 AM

I've run all afternoon with My Heritage web hints off. No error messages. I've just turned the hints back on and after thirty minutes no problems. When the java script erros were occurring they'd usually pop up within four minutes.

Looks like they have solved the problem