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Unable to import all of my names from the Family Search

27 May 2014 - 06:00 AM

So i just started to use the Roots Magic. And i cant find the way to import all of the names from my tree at the FamilySearch website.

I create a new file, press 'import' and it goes and imports a lot of my names. But it won't import a lot of people for some reason. And it's always the same ones. about 50 or so. All of them are not my direct ancestors, but the descendants from some other lines, for example. It really confuses me.
If i than trying to import data about those families, it will work out for 2-3 names and won't do anything else. Could anyone please advice what to do?
I really want and need to import ALL. and i'ts not a lot of people, maybe about 100 more or so.

I though maybe the issue is in some sort of privacy, but  my tree is not connected with anyone's since i'm from Russia and FS is not popular here.
Thanks in advance!